Find the Right Group Travel for a Concert

Attending a concert with your loved ones is one of the best ways to end the day or a busy week. You don’t have to go to a concert alone because the more is really merrier. Some organizations, companies or schools organizes concert-going events for their guests, workers or students as the gigs generally encourage camaraderie and bonding. While summer schedules are often filled to the brim with exciting music festivals featuring indie rock bands, jazz artists, world-class DJs, entertaining comedians and world-renowned hip-hop singers, there are worthwhile concerts to catch at other times of the year too. Get hyped up by gathering your friends, book the tickets early online and remind your friends to keep the date free. This can be done online, with free mobile apps on the internet whereby automatic reminders can be set. And before the big day rolls around, check the weather forecast to see what you need to bring along, be it a raincoat or the fancy rolled-up picnic mats.

Planning your Own Concert with US Coachways’ Assistance

US Coachways caters to people who are planning their own concerts too and they range from a private concert for the church to a school concert, a company event to an organization’s annual gala. Our vehicles are used to shuttle a large number of passengers from one location to another seamlessly while our dispatchers are experts at ensuring the smooth transition of events and transfer of equipment. We know that in the thick of it, things can get hectic and confusing. Worry not, US Coachways is here to provide you with all the assistance and support you will need for the concert! Consult with our customer service agents to find out more about seasonal availability, estimate cost based on distance, onboard equipment and entertainment options in our buses.

Planning a Tailgate Party Before the Concert

Depending on the concert type and performing artist or band, some fans turn the concert into an all-day event by having tailgate parties before the show. This involves bringing a group of people to the venue, more often than not, the parking lot, where they hang out while waiting for the start of the concert. Getting there would not be a problem if you have the support of US Coachways as your ground transportation service provider. Information about the venue, number of passengers, departure time, pickup and drop-off location is all we need to get your party started. As these events can start early in the morning right up to the end of the concert, the charter bus or party bus provides you with modern luxuries and amenities to make the event a comfortable one. On top of that, you can keep luggage, equipment, coolers, food, tents, and bags on board the charter bus while you party the day away.

Enjoy Performances with your Favorite Bands and Singers as a Group

The main purpose of going to a concert is to immerse yourself in the event and have as much fun as possible. As your favorite songs are being sung on stage, dance and sing along with them and just enjoy yourself without having to worry about a designated driver, parking or traffic. The peace of mind will help you enjoy the event more fully. As a group, you stay organized with onboard amenities like WiFi, entertainment, a PA system, outlets for the charging of mobile devices, food and drinks. So, there would be no problem if you need to fuel up and hydrate before the concert. On top of that, after the performance, there’s no battling with the crowd out of the parking lot, which is what they are notoriously known for.

It matters not whether you’re attending a summer concert series, a Broadway show or your favorite singers and actors in action during a live performance. A charter bus is an answer to your transportation woes.

The Party Never Stops with a Charter Bus

Like most people, you, too, can bring the party on the road after the concert and with a party bus or limousine. We make it easy to proceed to neighboring nightspots or have a bar crawl once the concert is over. The sleek and stylish buses can also be used for after-concert bowling parties, birthday parties and other types of events in town which requires moving of large numbers of people from one location to another.

It is a proven fact that group traveling by bus is the most cost-efficient way to move around; it is comfortable, convenient, reliable and safe. Hence, we have a large fleet of vehicles to cater to your concert-going needs that are tailor-made for your specific requirements. Every excursion has differing needs and we are always ready to customize and personalize yours for you.

Effortless Traveling with US Coachways

Traffic and public transportation in most major U.S. cities are congested and when there’s a concert, things are often worse, especially when traffic is rerouted. You don’t have to endure all that with a chartered bus at your beck and call.

US Coachways has one of the lowest rates in the country and has earned a spot as one of the country’s leading ground transportation companies with our GSA contract. Use our online cost calculator and get a quick estimate of the cost of renting a charter bus from US Coachways and we will match the price as much as possible. So, if you want to travel in comfort and style to your next concert, wait no more! Get your free quote or book your bus online from US Coachways today!


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