US Coachways’ Budget-Friendly Bus Rentals for Field Trips

The holidays may be around the corner or you could have been tasked with planning a field trip or an educational outing for your students or kids; if you’re looking around for a reliable, budget-friendly charter bus or mini bus for it, look no further than US Coachways. We are a premiere ground transportation company that has helped countless educational organizations ranging from toddler play groups to universities plan and roll out their educational programs. We’ve been engaged in helping plan day trips to popular museums, art galleries or pack up for overnight trips at prominent attractions like Six Flags Great Adventures, Walt Disney World, Zion National Park, San Diego Zoo & Safari Park, Kennedy Space Center, Boston Freedom Trail or ‘A Night at the Museum’ in NYC!

Get Help Planning the Field Trip

Planning a field trip with young children and youth is a fun experience for all but it requires extensive planning. It is a fun way to bring the classroom outside, into a bigger, wider world where participants can enjoy interactive exhibits that bring to life the things that they have been learning about from curriculum materials. First, get started with a clear objective, then move on to potential locations after taking into consideration the following:

  1. Number of students participating
  2. Cost of trip
  3. Age and appropriateness of programs
  4. Permissions from parents and students
  5. Availability and number of chaperones
  6. The number of buses needed to accommodate everyone
  7. The desired outcome of the trip and major concepts to be taught after the trip

Renting a Charter Bus or a Mini Bus from US Coachways

Taking an educational field trip is a quintessential part of the younger generation’s learning experience and US Coachways has just the right charter bus rental package for it. With our precision-focused services, we are capable of helping you organize the perfect day trip and overnight excursions. What can US Coachways provide you?

  • DOT-compliant, comfortable school buses, charter buses, mini buses and vans
  • Professionally-trained drivers and dispatchers
  • Top quality customer service
  • Insurance coverage
  • A One-Person contact point for ease of communication
  • Route-planning services
  • Meet-and-greet solutions
  • Live agents
  • Ground transportation logistics and consultation services

If you’re using the regular school board buses for the purpose of this field trip, consult with the school to see if the trip interferes with the school bus’ regular schedule. If it does, we highly recommend renting a charter bus, school bus or mini bus for the trip instead. When you arrange for transportation separate from the services used by the school, there’s more leeway for sudden unforeseen changes during the trip. Once a leader has been assigned, be sure to clearly communicate the name and contact number of the person to the driver, complete with proper addresses schedule and pickup and dropoff destinations. This should be checked and confirmed as the time for the field trip nears.

Assign Chaperones and Assistants

There are many benefits of renting a charter bus to cater to your church events. Instead of carpooling, a US Coachways charter bus or van offers you comfort, safety, and convenience, especially if you have young or elderly members in your group. Keeping the atmosphere positive is essential to the trip so that everyone is in the right state of mind to observe, learn and participate in the prepared events. With customized promotional packages, you can also keep the budget in check. Especially after an enlightening weekend, it is so much better to spend the time on board the bus discussing all the wonderful things that you’ve learned and enjoyed during the event with other church members.

Renting a Charter Bus Keeps Things Flexible

Parents, volunteers, teachers and family members of students are often roped in as a part of the field trip and this depends on the size of both the group and venue. Most colleagues, parents, and administrator are willing to take on chaperoning duties and if this is so, include their names and numbers on the list of persons-to-contact in the guidelines, timesheets, and list of passengers.

Useful Tips for Field Trip Planning

Give yourself at least a few months’ head start by planning ahead of time. Use the time to secure the right charter bus company, confirm programs with the selected attraction, plan the outing and lessons, get required permissions and requests, hold staff meetings, learn the layout of the venue and schedule a pre-visit to the site. Explore some of the exhibits or get advice from the staff to find out how YOU can enhance the learning experience on an actual day. Always remember to confirm the final numbers, including contact numbers, after all the proper paperwork, including student permission forms, is done. Some months are busier than others so, with this in mind, DO give yourself ample time to scout around for the right bus and reserve the bus as early as possible. It is also a good idea to pin down several dates instead of one, in case the first choice isn’t available.

Dependable Charter Buses from US Coachways

US Coachways has different types of buses to fit all types of budgets and this allows for more flexibility on your part. We have mini buses for smaller group outings to the park or museum and larger charter buses for extensive traveling and overnight trips. With proper ground transportation, you can focus on ensuring that the students have fun, enjoy the planned programs and can travel in complete safety. Safety is a number one priority at US Coachways We only use buses that are DOT-compliant and professionally trained drivers. With organized staff on standby during the trip, you know you’re in safe hands.

US Coachways has the best-priced ground transportation logistics services and promotional packages for your field trips, be it big or small. Contact us and leave the details with us and you can get started on your plans immediately. Our sales representatives and consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so, pick up the phone and give us a call right now!


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