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Executive Bus Charter

The US Coachways Executive Buses

Is your band about to go on the road? Are you looking for a way to travel in style, something to add a little bit of home to life on the road? Do you need ground transportation for your crew, roadies or stage hands? Or do you simply want to take that family vacation in style!

With an executive bus from US Coachways, you can travel like a rock star (whether you are one or not). From private bedrooms to equipped kitchens, from Wifi access and all the latest audio and video devices, your home on wheels will provide a respite from the grind of the road.

These buses are perfect for:

  • Bands
  • Traveling Performers
  • Crews
  • Entertainers
  • Family Vacations

We Offer Options!

We have different coaches to meet your needs:

  • The Star Coach — The Star Coach is designed for headliners, but it's also a great ride for a family vacation. It sleeps up to six, offers a private bedroom, shower and fully equipped kitchen.

  • The Crew Bus — This coach is ideal for your crew. With bunk sleeping for up to 12 and a galley kitchen, your support staff will be able to travel in comfort.

  • The Entertainer Coach — Similar to the Star Coach, but designed to allow you to entertain on the road, the Entertainer Coach sleeps up to four, but has leather seating for up to 40 people, as well as a high end surround sound system and fiber optic lights.

The Many Benefits of an Executive Coach from US Coachways

Our executive coaches are in high demand among traveling performers and here's why:

  • They are well designed for your comfort — You won't ever feel crammed in to one of our executive coaches. There's plenty of room and the accommodations are designed to make your life on the road relaxing.

  • The friendliest and best drivers on the road — We ensure that our drivers complete a rigorous training regimen, so that you can always feel safe. They'll also be available and accessible when you need them.

  • Plenty of luggage space — Our executive coaches offer room for all the things you need on the road.

  • All the modern amenities — From big screen TVs and DVD players to state-of-the-art sound systems, from iPod and iPhone hookups to device chargers, our executive coaches offer many fun ways to pass the time on the road. The options may vary from bus to bus, so make certain you confirm the features your bus offers with your customer service representative.

  • On-board restrooms and showers — You'll have all the personal hygiene accommodations you need on one of our executive coaches.

Book Your Executive Coach Today!

We have a large fleet of executive coaches to meet your needs. Call us at 855-287-2427 to check what's available and to get a free quote. It's time for you to travel like a rock star!

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