Grab a Bus Rental For Your Next Family Reunion

Family reunions and get-togethers are fantastic times to bond, recount the past, build new memories and strengthen ties with other family members. For some families, reunions don’t come very often. Even with social media abilities to connect to one another online, nothing beats face-to-face time. So, when the chance presents itself, do everything within your power to have everything covered!

One of the ways that US Coachways can help smoothen out the creases of the planning process is to provide you with top quality charter buses that comes equipped with modern onboard amenities, luxurious settings, and spacious seating. This way, nobody has to refrain from participating in the entertainment, food, and drinks because they’ve been assigned the task of being the designated driver. So, rain or shine, everyone gets to have fun!

Things to Remember when Planning a Family Reunion

There are few things that expert planners will share with you with coming up with a large family reunion. The few important ones are:

  1. Who is attending, i.e. everyone including children, elderly or disabled
  2. Number of people
  3. Budget
  4. Preference in food and entertainment
  5. Location, i.e. venue that can accommodate the number of family members
  6. Create an email and phone number list
  7. Use digital or mobile tools to plan the event and keep everyone updated on the progress; for instance, create a family reunion website or an event page on Facebook
  8. Find event organizers
  9. Ground transportation for out-of-town visitors or shuttle buses to get everyone to and from the venue safely and on time
  10. Theme of the party (if any)

Some of the most popular themes for family reunions include circus theme, family heritage, safari, wild west, the 1960s, fiesta and Hawaiian luau, just to name a few. And you don’t have to wait until Halloween to get everyone excited about dressing up! All you need to remember is to make the day or days fun for everyone in the family.

Putting Together a Blast of a Family Reunion

Whether you’re having a family reunion in a family member’s home, the family church, a hotel, resort, restaurant, bar, campsite, state park, historic site, museum, theme park, beach, mountain, a ski resort, cruise or homestead, cost-effective ground transportation will make everything run better. Rent a classy limousine to bring family members to a beautifully-decorated historic mansion or rent a party bus for a bar’s your call. For out-of-town family members who have come from a distance to join the reunion, the availability of luxurious buses and vehicles will come as a welcome convenience. And if your family is large, bringing everyone to a theme park, waterpark or a hotel ballroom saves you time with a charter bus.

The sky is your limit when it comes to planning a family reunion - travel, go on a cruise, visit various state parks or driving by almost-forgotten homesteads with the motorcoach at your beck and call. Make getting to your destination affordable and effortlessly fun with US Coachways!

A Fun Experience for the Whole Family

Even for smaller events like family dinners in a local restaurant, being driven around in a limousine is a special experience. It’s extraordinary and magical for people who have never experienced being driven around in a luxury party bus or limousine. Take your pick from the 10 to 14 passenger limousines like Cadillac, Lincoln, Suburban, Navigator, Escalade or Hummer in a fleet ready to give your family members’ the red carpet treatment. Dress up for the special family reunion and get shuttled from one destination to another like an A-lister star!

With entertainment and full communication on board the rented charter bus, everyone in your family will be having a ball while getting to and from their destinations! Just sit back, relax, bond and socialize with each other in the complete comfort of the well-maintained vehicles.

Book Ahead of Time

Many venues and ground transportation service providers like US Coachways lets customers book their vehicles months ahead of time. Even so, it is best to check every now and then with both your family members and the service providers to ensure that no changes had come into effect in between. For instance, the weather and unforeseen circumstances can change the date, venue, and the number of charter buses required. The good news is that US Coachways is ready to help accommodate the changes.

Convenient Bus Booking System

Whether you’ve booked a charter bus, Sedan, SUV, van or limousine from US Coachways, kindly visit our website to get a free cost estimate, book, pay and manage the vehicles completely online. Our experienced sales representatives and friendly account executives are here to point you in the right direction if you have questions regarding any of the packages or vehicles in our fleet before you book them.

Planning a reunion may take a lot of work but US Coachways has your back. We are a renowned ground transportation company that can help you customize a tour and party of your own. US Coachways is here to help you make it every bit as magical and unforgettable as you imagined it to be! Give us a call today to find out more!


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