Renting a Charter Bus Makes Day Trips Easy

Do you have a big day involving extensive traveling with a large group of people coming up? Have you been assigned the task of organizing a field trip for your students? Maybe you’ve been asked to put together an outing with the family at a local museum, historic site or state park! Whichever it is, chartering a bus for a day trip is the perfect way to hit the road!

US Coachways, a national leading charter bus rental company, has many different rides you can choose from and they range from mini buses to luxury coaches. After having a look at our large fleet of buses and cars, take into consideration a few factors like point-to-point distance, the number of passengers, seasonal availability of both venues and charter buses, preferred onboard equipment and amenities, and other special requests. These preferences should be discussed with our friendly and professionally-trained sales representatives before booking your buses as we are always happy to accommodate your needs.

The Right Transportation for Your Group

Our competitively-priced charter buses, motor coaches, school buses, mini buses, vans and day coaches are used for big and small events like. Our customers book vehicles for day trips involving adventure quests, outdoor hiking trips, visits to a historical site or museum, a weekend camping trip, community service projects with classmates or colleagues, fishing trips with family and friends, whitewater rafting adventures, nature photography outings, sailing or a cruise.

Traveling by bus is the most cost-effective and efficient way to mobilize a large group of people. From the moment you contact us for a quick quote, we leave no stone unturned and every detail is taken care of with microscopic precision. US Coachways is, after all, known for our top quality customer service.

A Wide Array of Vehicles and Packages

US Coachways is more than your average ground transportation company because our services include the handling of major projects by the Federal government and offering advanced one-stop-shop solutions to small and large organizations alike. Here, we understand that every customer has very specific needs and we are ready to listen and provide accordingly. They are tailor-made for your specific requirements so, worry not.

The types of vehicles available include charter buses and deluxe motor coaches, mini buses, school buses, entertainer/sleeper/tour buses, executive coaches/day coaches, limo buses/party buses, trolley, double-decker buses and vans and they can all be used for your day trip! Do you need a medium-sized charter bus to shuttle students to and from a sporting venue and school? And if you need smaller vehicles for a trip out to the museum, US Coachways has them right here in our extensive fleet.

The Many Benefits of Renting a Charter Bus for Day Trips

  • Convenience and comfort
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Timely arrival and departure
  • Parking
  • Traffic jams
  • Bus route analysis and professional navigation
  • Last minute changes
  • Onsite dispatch services
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Transportation consultation

Having a day trip is a top activity for families who want an exciting trip but prefer it to be short and sweet. With a charter bus, the day trip will become an even more flawless one, whether you are planning to take the kids to a theme park or attend a food festival. Leave all the driving and parking woes to professionally-trained drivers from US Coachways and enjoy the scenery outside while being transported to your destinations. It is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing journey with your loved ones.

Save Time & Money with US Coachways

When it comes to finding an affordable way to enjoy some much-needed time off with your loved ones, using a rented charter bus is a must. Not only will you be saving yourself the stress of driving around and looking around for a parking spot, the traffic, routing, and the cost is dealt with by a professional. You can trust our experience as we have been serving most major cities nationwide for more than 3 decades and counting.

Thanks to our large network of charter bus owners, operators, drivers and dispatchers, many professionals are often just a phone call away. US Coachways acts as your reference point for the best-priced vehicles and manpower when you need someone to help you plan and get behind the wheel. Regardless of the size of your group, whether you rent a luxury motorcoach or a school bus for a smaller day trip, we would be honored to be at your service! Let’s get started with a quick phone call, online chat or email inquiry right now. Alternatively, if you’re on-the-go, log into the automated and easily-accessible online bus rental and management system on our website. We look forward to serving you for your fun day trips soon.


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