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A US Coachways Crew Bus

The Perfect Vehicle for Stage Crews, Roadies, Support Staff or Even a Family Vacation!

If you're taking the show on the road and you have a stage crew, roadies or support staff, you want a safe, comfortable and economical way for them to travel with you. That's why we designed the US Coachways Crew Bus. With a dozen sleeping bunks, onboard restroom and shower, our crew buses can accommodate larger groups. You won't have to worry about hotel and motel rooms when your crew can crash on the bus.

But you don't have to be part of a traveling show to enjoy one of our crew buses — they make great vehicles for family or group vacations, too!

We've thought of everything to help your crew fight the boredom that can accompany life on the road:

  • State-of-the-art-entertainment systems — Our crew buses have big screen TVs and access to satellite television, as well as DVD players. You can also bring the Wii, Playstation or other video console and hook into our on-board entertainment center. There's a fabulous surround sound stereo system, with a CD changer and AM/FM radio.

  • A fully-equipped galley kitchen — Your crew can cook on-board, so you don't lose time or spend a lot of money in restaurants. This can also make it easier for your crew members to address any special dietary needs.

  • Wifi connections — Your crew can stay connected, use laptops or handle social media outlets, as our crew buses all have mobile Wifi Internet connections.

Crew Buses

Crew Bus Features Rear & front lounge leather perimeter seating areas up to 12 passengers comfortable, Up to 12 sleeping bunks, restroom ,shower, fully galley kitchen, lcd or plasma tvs, state of the art surround sound system, wifi access, in motion satellite, marble countertops, tile or wood flooring and much much more..…

Crew Bus luxury charter bus rental

Crew Bus luxury charter bus rental

Crew Bus luxury charter bus rental

Crew Bus luxury charter bus rental

A Crew Bus from US Coachways Provides a Lot of Benefit

Let's face it — one of the biggest hassles with going out on the road is having to be behind the wheel, continually checking the map, fighting traffic or worrying about getting to your destination on time. With a crew bus, you can leave all the details to us. In addition, you can expect:

  • Spacious and luxurious accommodations — There's plenty of room to move around on our crew buses.

  • Safety and security — We submit all drivers to a rigorous training program, so that your safety is always ensured. In addition, we'll closely monitor your bus, so that only authorized personnel come on board.

  • Ample space for your stuff — There'll be plenty of room for the things you need to bring and the stuff you pick up along the road.

  • Reliability — We'll always get you to your next stop with plenty of time to spare.

  • Affordable solutions for your crew — There's no more cost-effective way to transport your crew.

Book Your Crew Bus Today!

Call us at 855-287-2427 to check availability or to get a free quote. A US Coachways crew bus is a great way to minimize your costs and save time. It's the way the pros travel!

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