Booking a Last Minute Charter Bus

Short notice bookings from US Coachways is available around the clock to big and small corporations alike. The size of your event, corporation and the requirement of number of buses will not determine the price nor the availability of the vehicles. All our customers are very important to us and everything will be done to help ensure a smooth-sailing event for you. We understand that unforeseen circumstances happen, emergencies crop up, and for this, USCoachways is a phone call or email away. Tap into our wide network of ground transportation providers and we will help you charter a bus for your event in no time.

Nationwide Availability

Not all group events and transportation services are arranged prior to the event as the need might arise in the middle of the event. Our experience tells us that sometimes, last minute transportation and emergency services are needed. No matter where your event is, US Coachways is ready to be at your service, with professionals nationwide, ready to be dispatched.

US Coachways caters to:

  • Last minute changes
  • Breakdowns
  • Changes of itinerary
  • Emergencies
  • Evacuations
  • Shuttles
  • Airport transfers
  • Additional buses, vans or coaches
  • ...and much more

Contactable Via the Internet and Web Chat

With the transformational shift from traditional Yellow Pages to the internet age, more and more customers find it a breeze to book a charter bus using online searches. Most of them agree that having a one-point-reference is a tremendous advantage.

With that in mind, US Coachways focuses on providing top quality customer services so that there is a higher chance of customers returning as regular customers. Putting you as our top priority is what gives us the competitive edge.

Affordable Charter Buses

We offer a reasonable minimum-hour rate for all types of ground transportation, even when you’re booking the vehicles at the very last minute. Quality customer service and affordable pricing bring about a win-win situation for everyone involved. This is particularly important when emergency transportation is needed for first responders and emergency situations, and thanks to our 24/7 availability, there are no set hours and our reliable charter bus rental services are available anytime you call or email. We offer short notice bookings in most major cities in the United States and require very little notice especially when there’s an emergency.

Time Saves Lives

While time is money for major corporations, time saves lives in emergency situations. The ability to mobilize large fleets of vehicles and groups of people to where help is needed is absolutely crucial. Keep our phone numbers and email handy for emergency situations and give us a call anytime, anywhere. Using cutting-edge technology, you can log onto the state-of-the-art online bus booking and management system on our website and get in touch with our account executive at crucial moments. Our priority is to be of service to you and your group.

How does US Coachways do it? We operate in most major cities in the United States, has mobilized hundreds of vehicles for events in order to serve your communities. The fleet is available to US Coachways at any point in time and when the vehicles are needed for emergencies, they are ready to roll out for action.

Excellent Customer Service Suitable for Federal Contracts

As one of the leading ground transportation companies in the country, US Coachways is proud to have been given the nod for city, state and Federal contracts. Our DOT-compliant vehicles and trained staff keep up with the strict governmental and military codes and requirements set forth by relevant agencies. US Coachways is also available for last minute charter bus transportation for groups due to airline transportation disruptions, disasters and unforeseen needs for shuttle bus services due to weather hazards like tornadoes, lightning, flash floods, and hail. We also cater to relocations, deployments, point-to-point transfers and other similar events.

Flexible and Customizable Ground Transportation Packages

Due to the advancement of technology and the experience of our agents, we can get your bus going to where your passengers are in a short period of time, with minimum fuss and delay. With flexible booking arrangements, packages, billing options and customizations, you can save yourself time, money and a whole lot of effort. In times of extreme need, a solid working plan is essential, with complete instructions, procedures and outline on the who, what, when and why. With US Coachways, help is always within reach. Please feel free to email us or call us today for an obligation-free charter bus rental quote. Worry not if you’re unsure because our friendly customer service personnel will guide you from the start to the very last mile of your trip. We specialize, after all, in bringing you quality buses at the snap of your fingers.

Wait no more and give us a call today!


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