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Monthly Travel Tips Box


Tips to increase comfort when riding on bus for hours:

  • Wearing layers of clothing for warm or cold temperatures
  • Travel pillow
  • Comfortable clothes - sweat pants
  • Earplugs

Bus Stops

  • Walk around, move and stretch
  • Use restroom
  • Check on bags during bus transfers


  • Wear or carry valuables with you (wallets, jewelry, purses)
  • Avoid arguments with other passengers
  • Sit nearer to driver in city areas
  • Watch luggage that leaves with passengers to ensure it's not yours


  • Magazines or books
  • Electronic devices
  • Ipod for music
  • Audio books
  • Laptop for movies
  • Reading light
  • Wi-fi may be an option


  • Healthy snacks — fruit, trail mix, sandwiches
  • Bottles of water
  • Foods that don't require refrigeration

Bus Etiquette

  • Follow schedules
  • Earphones for music listening
  • Avoid packing smelly foods
  • Use trash bags
  • Respect others' space
  • Be courteous
  • Follow rules for luggage storage

Packing & Luggage Limitations

  • Appropriate clothes based on destination, climate, season and activities
  • Pack light with color coordinated, mix and match outfits
  • Pack a small bag for overhead compartment access
  • Pack larger bag for under coach storage
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