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Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

Unless you have been living a deserted island away from civilization, you already know that there are plenty of wonderful places that you can check out on your Baton Rouge charter bus day trip. However, such a charter bus trek with your friends may call for a few places in the area that are quite unique and different. Take in some of the incredible Baton Rouge sights as well as a few of the great shops and eateries along the way. You may also find that you will want to see a number of the favorites along the trip. Either way, you are pretty much guaranteed that you will have a completely amazing time wherever you have the charter bus take you.

A unique experience is sure to be had bay all when you have the charter bus bring you over to 3601 Thomas Road so you can check out the Baton Rouge Zoo. There are an unlimited amount of beautiful animals that you can see and learn all about once you walk through the gates. With almost a thousand different birds and animals in great natural settings, you really cannot go wrong. If there are any children that are traveling along with you in your charter bus group, you will also be delighted to know that there is a special area just for kids to interact with the staff and animals. Some of the stunning animals that you can see while you are at the Baton Rouge Zoo include tigers, zebras, giraffes, otters, exotic birds and more. The prices for admission are just fantastic as well, being only $5.50 for adults, $4.50 for senior citizens, $2.50 for kids ages 2 through 12. There are even better prices on admission if your charter bus group happens to be fifteen people or larger.

Step back into time and have a great time while you check out the LSU Rural Life Museum, located on 4600 Essen Lane. This is a fabulous place where you can go and almost feel as though you have been transported to a 19th century plantation. You can learn all about how the early settlers in Louisiana lived and worked while getting a chance to view a good number of wonderful exhibits. One of the amazing things about this place is that you and your charter bus friends get the chance to look through 27 seven different buildings that make up this incredible museum. As a matter of fact, this particular museum is known to be one of the best outdoor museums open to the general public in all of the United States. While you visit the LSU Rural Life Museum, you can look through different artifacts as well as great vintage tools and exquisite furniture.

When you find yourself a bit on the hungry side, you can have the charter bus make its way over to Samuel's Restaurant, located on 6721 Exchequer Drive. Most of the people who stop by to dine here love the fact that all of the meals have a home cooked touch. After you get the chance to sample some of the great menu items here, you will then be ready to take on the rest of your Baton Rouge adventure.