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New Orleans Charter Bus

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in New Orleans, Louisiana?

New Orleans Charter Bus

Well, well, well, what on earth are you going to decide on when you are trying to come up with a list of destinations for your New Orleans charter bus trip? After all, this is the city where it all happens. Besides the excitement and festivities that you can enjoy during Mardi Gras, you have some of the coolest and most happening music joints to visit in the entire state. Some people will even tell you that this is the place where jazz and blues came from. So, when it comes to a charter bus adventure, you may actually find yourself becoming overwhelmed with all of your incredible choices.

A trip to New Orleans just wouldn't be right if you missed out on the opportunity to check out all that is going on in the French Quarter. There is so much happening here that you and your charter bus pals are guaranteed to find yourselves getting swept away in the splendor of it all. You have all sorts of great historical buildings and plenty of stories that you can listen to along the way. While you are checking out the goings on in the French Quarter, you may make your way into a jazz club or off on a side street cheering on a group of street performers. There is something new and fantastic every single day in the French Quarter and you and your friends on the charter bus will be able to tell everyone that you have been there to catch it all first hand.

Certainly you have been craving a little bit of voodoo since the second you stepped foot into New Orleans, right? Well, have the charter bus driver bring your group over to the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, located right on 724 Dumaine Street. This is a great experience for all who stop by, especially because you may even find yourself learning quite a few things that you never knew about voodoo and the actual practices. While you and your charter bus friends are here, you will have the amazing chances to learn all about the rich culture and interesting history behind this practice. If you would like, you can even embark on your very own tour of some of the local cemeteries, plantations or swamps, complete with just enough of a hint of voodoo to keep you on your toes. Perhaps some of the members of your New Orleans charter bus group will pick up some potions or voodoo dolls to take home!

While you are in New Orleans, you are certainly going to want to get a taste of some of the local fare. Pair that with great jazz and you have an awesome winning combination! Have the charter bus pull up in front of 1204 Decatur Street so that you can head inside the Palm Court Jazz Cafe. While you are there you can try some great Cajun or Creole dishes amidst the sounds of some of the local talent. No matter where you have the charter bus take you in New Orleans, you are headed straight for a fabulous time.

Get ready for the party of the year - Mardi Gras in New Orleans

The idea is to have an entire fleet of people, buses and buses of them, come together in a heady display of celebration - this is what mass indulgence of orgiastic parade, costumes, songs and musicals, performances by famous faces and delectable dances (and dancers).and of course, the endless supply of food and drinks.all in the name of celebrating a common religion. Irregardless of what it's called in different countries, whether it's Mardi Gras, Fastnacht or Carnaval.they're essentially the same. People from all over the country come together in throngs with personal cars and chartered party buses in a mass celebration of sorts every year.

The exact date of such celebrations is generally unpredictable if we're looking at the common calendar because each year the celebration date changes. But everyone looks forward to such a party that promises after life and reflection and alteration of one's life focus. Such parties' roots stems from pagan tradition and slowly, through the years, it has morphed into what we have today.something uproarious, wild, lively and most of the time.commercial.

Since such parties naturally attract many of the locals and many tourists, cities are organized, built and planned around such annual events. For instance, the Carnival of Binche (Belgium) which is a drum parade magnified by a hundred times, and also the Mam'selles party where men dress up in women's clothes and parade all over the street, tourists and party bus operators benefit tremendously around this time of the year. A huge climb in demand for party buses can be seen whenever these parties roll around because most of the attendees of a party of this kind come in groups. There is, shall we say, no better way to get to a single destination in a group than a party bus. But party bus operators are not the only people to benefit from these annual parties because in Rio Janeiro, it's been said that hotel sales make a total revenue of about $10.4 million during these events.

As with Mardi Gras in other parts of the world, Mardi Gras is also traditionally celebrated in New Orleans since 1699 where the party attracts buses and buses of people from all parts of the country and world. All eyes are set on New Orleans whenever Mardi Gras rolls around. In fact, Mardi Gras can be said to be the main bread and butter of the New Orleans tourism industry because the impact this party has on the economy of New Orleans is comparable to the impact the Super Bowl has on it.which is said to be equivalent to about $300 million every year. Ever since Katrina came and went, Mardi Gras has become even more important to the city.

As mentioned, the date for Mardi Gras is not predetermined but according to the New Orleans Mardi Gras official website, , the party will be held from February 10, 2007 until February 20, 2007 . For detailed information on dates and location of where the Mardi Gras party will be held in New Orleans , visit the official website's schedule page here .

For the Mardi Gras in New Orleans 2007, the party will be even more meaningful than before because the organizers will be donating funds towards rebuilding New Orleans and funding it's reconstruction efforts. In fact, the organizers are leading fund donors to and where continuous effort is still being carried out to help bring New Orleans back to what it was before.

This is not the first time that Mardi Gras is being used as a means to pump money into the city because back in 1872, Mardi Gras was used as a means to jumpstart the city's ailing economy. Even at that time, many people started booking and hiring party buses months ahead of time just to make sure that there was space and transportation means for them for Mardi Gras. For ideas on how to create your own Mardi Gras party, go to the official website for ideas and information..they have some pretty neat recipes there as well.

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