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Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Columbia, South Carolina?

Welcome aboard your next charter bus destination, Columbia, South Carolina. You and your charter bus group are in for a good time.

Let's start out with a little history. Columbia, The first city, as well as the first-planned capital, in America named for Christopher Columbus was founded March 26, 1786, as the center of government, education, and commerce in the Palmetto State. Today, the Columbia Metropolitan Area is home to over 200 years of history.

Everyone on the charter bus will have to see Lake Murray. This lake was constructed between 1927 and 1930. The lake covers an area of 78 square miles with 649 miles of shoreline. The waters of the Saluda River that feed Lake Murray supply energy to the Saluda Hydroelectric Plant turbines and cooling water to the McMeekin Steam Generating Plant. When completed, Lake Murray will be the largest power reservoir and Saluda Dam the largest earthen dam in the world.

Today, Lake Murray stills supplies electric power is the major source of drinking water for the city of Columbia, and has become the water playground for the Midlands. The Lake Murray adventure means boating, sailing, canoeing, fishing, skiing, swimming, camping, and just plain fun at one of the South's most scenic playgrounds. All of this fun for you and the gang on the charter bus.

Now this is different, charter a stop for your group at TunnelVision. It's been painted by local artist Blue Sky on the wall of the Federal Lank Bank Building. The mural portrays a highway disappearing through a tunnel. Drive your charter bus right up to it.

There is an interesting exhibit related to Public Enemy #1 John Dillenger. It is in the The South Carolina Criminal Justice Hall of Fame. Dillenger was America's most notorious criminal from the time he was released from a prison in May 1933 until he was shot dead on July 22, 1934. Just think, everyone on the charter bus will get to see all there is about this. Melvin Purvis, a South Carolina native and the FBI Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago office, was in charge at the scene as Dillenger and gunned down outside a movie theater. Purvis also was responsible for the arrest of a number of gangsters in the 1930's before retiring in 1937.

You and the gang from the charter bus, can see lots of famous buildings and designs. Hampton-Preston Mansion This was built in 1818 for Ainsley Hall and purchased by Wade Hampton I in 1823 for his wife, Mary Cantey Hampton. Wade Hampton I was an experienced soldier from the Revolutionary War and a General in the War of 1812. At the time of his death in 1835 with a fortune amassed of 50 million dollars, he was considered the wealthiest man in the United States. Here is another great historical stop for your charter bus gang, the Robert Mills House built 1823. Designed in 1823, he was the first federal architect of the United States. Mills also designed the Washington Monument and the U.S. Treasury Building.

One more, a famous one to boot, Woodrow Wilson Home built 1872. This home, built by Woodrow Wilson's parents in 1872, served as his home during his teenage years. Young Wilson lived in the home 1872-1875 from the ages of 16 through 19. A great photo stop for you and your charter bus group.

Charter your destination to Columbia, South Carolina today and get ready for some great times for you and your group.