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Louisiana Bus Charter "The Sportman's Paradise" Louisiana

It's French heritage, uninhibited Mardi gras celebrations, and famous for its distinct Cajun food, and New Orleans, this is the charming state of Louisiana. Come and explore its' rich past found in historical sites, or visit in February when the Mardi Gras celebration happens, do this in your Louisiana charter bus.

Louisiana stretches at 51,843 sq miles and its capital is Baton Rouge. Its' rich past, makes it difficult to define and one has to savor its choicest morsels to come to a better understanding of this state and charms. Whether you come to savor history, its contribution to American's heritage or explore the great outdoors, you should travel in your Louisiana charter bus, and fully explore your interests.

Louisiana generally has a warm and humid climate, and four seasons, and rainfall is an integral part of life in this state. So when's the best time to see the state? Spring, because this is the time of the year, where a lot of annual fairs and festivals happen, and this is saying a lot as Louisiana has 400 annual fairs and festivals – from crawfish to pirates to plantations. Avoid the risk of getting lost and stress, travel in your Louisiana charter bus.

Here are some choice destinations you can explore in your Louisiana charter bus.

Are you a history buff? What period of America's history would you like to explore? You should make it a point to visit some of Louisiana's museums of which there are 200, such as the Cabildo, the Presbytere and the Old U.S. Mint in New Orleans and the Old Courthouse Museum in Natchitoches. You can learn about Storyville, New Orleans' notorious red-light district where jazz was born. Or explore exhibits that show artifacts from 130 years of prison life. You can also view Civil War displays created by the actual soldiers. You'll find history and cultural heritage preserved and interpreted by more than 200 museums statewide.

Walk through the pathways of Louisiana's 27 Civil War Discovery Trail sites. You'll find forts, battlegrounds and other important links to the country's Civil War history. Or travel back further in history to the prehistoric Native-American cultures and earthen mounds these tribes left behind.

Explore Louisiana's Ancient Mounds Trail, of which the state has more than 700 known mound sites. These mounds are believed to have been built hundreds to thousands of years ago and served as homes for tribal leaders, ceremonial sites and even burial sites. These mounds' significance lies in the fact that they predate the Colosseum in Rome, the Great Wall of China or Egypt's pyramids, and offer evidence that these cultures were advanced. Travel to all these mound sites in your Louisiana charter bus, and get to them, relaxed and stress free from traffic or the heat.

Another site worth visiting is Poverty Point State Historic Site in West Carroll Parish, where artifacts range from precisely cut arrowheads to clay balls which are thought to have dispersed heat while cooking. The Poverty Point culture has been estimated to be 3,500 years old. Researchers have found that the materials recovered at this historical site, show traces that they traded with people from the entire Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio River valleys, and east into the Appalachians and up to the copper-producing areas of the Great Lakes. These discoveries are exciting and significant, for the artifacts challenges the traditional views of men's origins. You can explore all this and more, as you travel in your Louisiana charter bus.

Another main site also stresses this era of history so vividly. The Marksville State Historic Site is believed to date to AD 50. The site has five mounds that are encircled by a low earthen embankment on what's now an abandoned bed of the Mississippi River. These artifacts bear similar characteristics from the Hopewell culture from the same era in Ohio and Illinois. Louisiana has a lot to offer enthusiastic history buffs. But you don't need to spend most of your vacation exploring historical sites, add a dash of adventure by exploring its outdoors. For instance, try the Creole Nature Trail, and you'll find unspoiled picturesque historic towns.

See it more and experience more, in comfort and safety, when you travel in your Louisiana charter bus.

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