Discovering a Wonderful World of Fun Outdoor Attractions and Aspen’s Memorable Destinations in a Charter Bus

Visit Aspen’s Historic Ghost Towns, Ski Resorts, Nature Preserves, Art Attractions and Go Shopping in Downtown Aspen

The city of Aspen was initially founded as a silver-mining community in the 1880s and was named after the abundance of aspen trees in the city. After the Panic of 1893, many of the mining communities were deserted which resulted in historical sites like The Ashcroft Ghost Town and Independence Ghost Town. After Aspen Mountain was developed as a ski resort, there was an uprising of parks, rock-climbing spots as well as scenic hiking trails. Today, it is known as home to Aspen Music Festival , Aspen Institute and Aspen Center for Physics. The scenic routes as well as tourist destination became popular with people from surrounding communities as well as celebrities like Hunter S. Thompson, John Denver and other top musicians who viewed Aspen as one of the top retreats in the country. Aspen was also used as a backdrop for countless movies, books and literature.

Visitors are going to have a splendid time visiting attractions like Hallam Lake Nature preserve, Wheeler Opera House, Aspen Brewing Company, John Denver Sanctuary and scenic outdoor attractions like  Castle Creek Road, Cathedral Lake Trail, Linkins Lake Trail and many more. If you are a wedding planner, event organizer or looking for a place to hold a social event, wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary celebration, corporate function, prom night, church retreat, team-building exercise or other types of social events, give US Coachways a call right now to find out more about our reliable and affordable ground transportation services. We service most major cities in the United States, including many cities in the state of Colorado. We have reliable charter buses, party buses, tour buses, mini buses, school buses, limousines, vehicles for airport transfers, prom limos, wedding limousines and various other exotic vehicles ready to help make your event a more smooth-sailing one.

Aspen is a Popular Tourist Destination All Year Round

If you are looking for a good place to have a birthday party, outdoor attraction for a picnic, or just a fun shopping destination in downtown Aspen, continue reading to find out more about the city’s amazing parks, hiking trails, nightspots, diners and historical points of interest. They are worth adding to your travel itinerary when you make your way to Aspen, one of Colorado’s top attractions.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks —  You do not have to love the outdoors and nature to enjoy a visit to The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies; this attraction features the Hallam Lake Nature Preserve which is located in the heart of Aspen. The preserve is home to resident birds and fishes in the stream, providing locals and visitors with a free nature trail and environmental programs to participate in all year round. Aspen Recreation Center is a fabulous place for people from all walks of life. Commonly known simply as ARC, you can go rock-climbing, enjoy a game of hockey, ice skating, play the guitar, become a part of youth art class, pick up martial arts, go swimming, join an aerobics class or hit the gym with your fellow travelers. Many would concede that Wagner Park is a very pleasant town space with a great playground to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours; adults can go shopping at the various street vendors and quaint retail outlets located near the park, play at the water fountain, relax in a local restaurant while the kids run around the field chasing frisbees.

  • Art & Culture —  Wheeler Opera House is both a historical site as well as entertainment venue with year-round performances and shows. The attraction was designed by Willoughby J. Edbrookethat in the 1890s, the design of which was an inspiration from the Romanesque Revival and Italianate architectural style. It was the first attraction added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and it continues to feature prominent music, comedy and LIVE events all year round. You can also bring the charter bus to Theater Aspen Hurst which hosts Broadway shows as they are known for quality performances like family entertainment, musicals and popular plays. Visitors will also find a full schedule at fun art centers like Belly Up, top dance shows at Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, more than 300 musical events held during summer months at Aspen Music Festival and School, an impressive collection artwork in the form of paintings, photographs and artifacts at Aspen Art Museum, classic fine arts at Aspen Fine Art Gallery, or head over to Galerie Zuger for affordable art pieces that you can bring home with you.

  • Restaurant & Shopping — Have a bachelor or bachelorette party coming up and looking around for a nice place to hang out with your friends? Many people think Aspen Brewing Company would make the ideal location for such celebrations. Friendly people, great customer service, a wide selection of craft beers and a relaxing atmosphere is what you can expect from this night spot. Aspen is also a haven for foodies because you will get to experience traditional American recipes from White House Tavern, fresh seafood dishes like lobster rolls, scallops and oysters from Grey Lady Aspen, enjoy a healthy vegan meal at Pyramid Bistro, dig into affordable Italian buffalo chicken balls and truffle chicken at The Meatball Shack, discover palate-pleasing fanfare like foie gras from Creperie Du Village and also sink your teeth into Japanese delicacies at Matsushita Aspen.

  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – Visitors will get to play a few rounds of golf and tennis when they make their way to Waspen Golf and Tennis Club or you can check out the challenging course at Snowmass Golf Course. The latter attraction has challenging bunkers and greens that will keep golfers busy. There is also lots of fun to be had at Silver Circle Ice Rink which is located at the foot of Aspen Mountain. The attractions provides visitors with wonderful scenery so, if you are a photography enthusiast, it’s a good time to kill two birds with one stone.

  • Historical Sites & Landmarks —  Visiting the John Denver Sanctuary would be extremely touching and meaningful if you are the legendary singer’s fan. Located right across the park from Rio Grande Place Visitors Center, this attraction is an idyllic memorial dedicated to this unique singer with lyrics from his songs carved into rocks, there is also a nice patch of flower garden to spend a calming afternoon in. The Ashcroft Ghost Town used to be a thriving mining community when there was silver in the area. When the silver supply diminished, so did the people. However, there are more than 10 empty, abandoned buildings which are undergoing restoration process you can check out. Independence Ghost Town was also a previous mining community which was deserted in the late 1800s but the people left because it was hit by a severe storm. The ghost town is still gorgeous and you will see for yourself why people chose to call this community their home back then. The exhibits at Wheeler/Stallard Museum will also tell you amazing stories about Aspen’s rich history as a former silver-mining town and how it came to be a cultural and sports powerhouse that it is today. Other not-to-be-missed historical attractions include the peaceful Ute Cemetery, Mill Street Fountain and Holden Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum.

  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Maroon Bells is known to be one of the most photographed places in the state of Colorado...and for a very good reason too. The hike will take you up to a very scenic part of Aspen Highlands and the trail is well-managed and marked. There are easier and more manageable trails at Maroon Lake Scenic Trails as well as unforgettable scenery at both Rio Grande Trail and Crater Lake Trail. Other scenic trails to check out includes the Hunter Creek Trail, Grottos Trail which has easy access and great trails, biking trails at Castle Creek Road, Cathedral Lake Trail, Linkins Lake Trail and Bucksin Pass. Visitors are also invited to trek up Conundrum Hot Springs and enjoy soaking in the hot springs as well as generous view of the city’s landscape. During winter, Aspen Highlands becomes one of the most visited tourist attractions in Aspen as people visit to learn how to ski or alternatively organize a trip to Buttermilk Mountain instead. Windstar Land Conservancy is a historically-significant dedication to John Denver and a nature preserve. You will get to walk around and take pictures of large statues of John Denver, reminders of his songs as well as dedication from fans. You will also get to enjoy the tours from Elk Mountain Expeditions, Aspen Whitewater Rafting, Independence Pass Outfitting as well as take up river rafting and tubing from Blazing Adventures Aspen and Aspen Whitewater Rafting.

  • Other Points of Interest — If you would like to slow down, take the charter bus out for a drive along Independence Pass which is said to be fastest link between Aspen and Denver. You will be rewarded with amazing views out to Glenwood Canyon, scenic mountains and blankets of wild flowers scattered throughout the fields. You can also check out activities like parasailing, paragliding and balloon rides from operators like Aspen Paragliding and Above It All Balloon Company. If, however, you are bringing young children with you for the trip, be sure to book a space with Silver Queen Gondola which runs a cable car service up to the top of Aspen Mountain every day.

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