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As of 2013, Cicero remains to be the state of Illinois’ tenth largest municipality according to its population. The name of the city was derived from Marcus Tullius Cicero, who was a popular Roman statesman. Historically, visitors might be intrigued to find out that Cicero was the hiding place for infamous mafia, Al Capone and Cicero race riot in 1951.

Cicero remains to be a popular city to visit and stay in because of its strategic location of being merely minute’s drive away from Chicago Illinois. In terms of location, the city is also chosen for its affordable event venues for wedding receptions, business functions, church outings and group tours. 

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Check out Cicero IL’s Popular Historical Sites and Entertainment Options

Although many landmark locations are to be found in neighboring Chicago, Cicero’s very own malls, restaurants, parks, and historical locations have their very own unique traits. Check out some of these recommended points of interest and start learning more about the city’s own unique culture.


  • Restaurant & Shopping — Guests can get their fill of shopping in Hawthorne Works Shopping Center, the building used to be a major factory and features a unique historical tower. Visitors can find a huge variety of unique retail outlets, restaurants, cafes and entertainment outlet, including a cinema in the heart of the city’s center. Another option would be the North Riverside Park Mall which features similar number of entertainment and dining outlets.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – Don’t forget to check out two popular racetracks which are Hawthorne Racetrack and Stickney, both of which are still in operation. You don’t need to be a lover of horseracing to fall in love with these attractions’ charms.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — The St. Mary of Czestochowa in Cicero Illinois is a prime example of a Polish Cathedral church located on South 48th Court. The opulent and grand-scale church was designed and built by popular Professor Czeslaw Dzwigai who was also the designer behind part of St. Hyacinth’s Basilica in downtown Chicago. The site is known as the place where Al Capone’s sister, the infamous mafia, tied the knot in 1930. The church serves a diverse group of church-goers and is still actively serving thousands of families in English, Spanish and Polish. Visitors to Cicero are also encouraged to check out yet another historical landmark which is the J. Sterling Morton High School East, locally known simply as Morton East. It is one of three similar schools located J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 and was known as Morton High School since 1920s to 1950s. Before the town was developed, it was a rather isolated area in the middle of a prairie and farmland. Looking at the school, it will definitely bring visitors back in time and they will be astonished with the building’s rich history. Although many parts of the school remains untouched, it underwent a facelift in the 1950s which saw inclusion of libraries, auto shop, band room, typesetting room, 2 brand new gymnasiums and also a hundred new classrooms. The school is also known for Chodl Auditorium that was included in 1925 which can seat up to slightly more than 2,300 guests. The auditorium is a popular choice for events, business functions, exhibitions and large group gatherings.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Those looking for a green space to relax and hang out with family and friends during the visit can bring the charter bus around to popular parks in downtown Cicero like Clyde Park, Manor Park, Hawthorne Park and Cicero Community Park. These parks are often packed with local residents and visitors who need to get away from the city buzz. Here is the place to bring their kids out for outdoor activities, walk pets or just have a picnic with their fellow travelers.  
  • Zoos & Aquariums — For those who are bringing kids along for the trip to Cicero Illinois, consider making the 25-minute trek to one of the country’s best and well-maintained zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo in neighboring Chicago. The sprawling 35-acre zoo is located right in the middle of Lincoln Park which was founded in 1868. It is also one of the country’s oldest zoos. Admission into the zoo continues to be free of charge. It is home to more than 200 species of animals from all over the world and a place to learn about a burr oak tree that has been around since 1830.
  • Other Points of Interest — Hawthorne Works, which used to be a large factory complex, features a large, unique and traditionally-styled tower. The factory was one of the largest in the region and it was reported to, at its peak, have nearly 45,000 employees working on the site. Come learn more about how the attraction had its own railway that privately transports goods produced by its employees, which includes a myriad of consumer and electronic products, out of the city and into neighboring communities. The unique tower can be found on the corner of 22nd Street and Cicero Avenue.

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