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Dayton Charter Bus Tour Ohio

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Dayton, Ohio?

As the Dayton charter bus brings its group members to site of Downtown you come in from I-75 north going south just past the Route 4 death exit. There is something about the way the skyscrapers will just kind of hit you that is very cool. There are also many ethnic Communities here, which any Dayton charter bus group member will fall in love with. There are large Korean, Chinese, Indian, and Italian communities that offer up an intelligent diversity to this charming town.

The Wright Patterson Air Force Base is home to one of the largest collections of military aircraft that the Dayton charter bus group members will have ever seen. The WPAFB Museum has diversity and volume. The admission is free! The walk through the museum is divided by time periods, although they also have a special wing just for missiles.

The Stealth planes are a popular exhibit here and the Dayton charter bus group members' will not like to miss the Presidential Aircraft exhibit, which includes the plane that flew JFK's body back from Dallas. The group members can stand in the spot where LBJ took office or where Jackie O watched him, almost in tears. The connection with history is up close, and personal on this plane. Kids of the Dayton charter bus group will not be disappointed either. There are plenty of hands on exhibits, bombs to touch and planes to get inside of, and an IMAX theatre. And best of all, there is Astronaut Ice Cream in the Gift Shop!

Next Dayton charter bus stop is the Huffman Prairie Visitor's Center. After their successful flight at Kitty Hawk, the Wright brothers returned to Dayton and began perfecting their aircraft through a series of flight tests at Huffman Prairie. Dayton charter bus group embers can visit the Visitor's center, which is free and includes a small museum.

Sun Watch Village is a 1,000-year-old Native American village that has been excavated and partially restored; included there is a small museum. The Village is named for the pole structures that exist in the middle of the village creating a Stonehenge like calendar that line up the sun position on the solstices. This will be a huge interest to the Dayton charter bus group members as they can see the concepts of time measurement used by ancient peoples.

The Dayton charter bus has this stop for the younger members of the group, a kid's museum! This is a cool place for kids or adults who like to act like kids. The exhibits change from time to time, but a lot of it is hands on science based stuff. They have a peregrine falcon on hand, laser shows, and The Hall... of the Universe! When you seriously, put you hands on your hips like superman standing and say it in a deep, thundering and inquisical voice ... "The Hall... of the Universe!" See, it's already fun!

Dayton charter bus group members will find that Dayton has a very nice art museum featuring art from all continents along with a fairly large collection of European works including a few by famous artist (Monet, Rubens). Entrance is free but there is a charge for special exhibits.

The Flying Pizza: The Flying Pizza is a great eating joint and fairs high with the locals. New York Style Pizza is the best! The Flying Pizza is the closest thing to New York that you can get in the Midwest. They have great vegetarian stuff, but the best pizza is is found here. This is one place that Dayton charter bus group will love. Thai 9 has the best Thai food the group members will have had! It is hidden in the Oregon District behind a record store. Most Thai joints offer the usual Pad Thai, but theirs is just outstanding. As basic as it is, the Pad Thai is simply awesome!

Aviation Heritage Center is another great museum that Dayton charter bus group members can visit. Next to the Wright Brothers bicycle shop is this visitor's center and museum dedicated to Dayton's most famous residents and contemporaries, the Wright Brothers and African American poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar.

The aviation fans in the Dayton charter bus group will be thrilled to visit this museum, "The Air Force Museum". This is a huge museum featuring military aircraft from a replica of the first Wright flyer to F-22s and F-117s.

Dayton has a great time in story for your charter bus group, book your charter today!

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