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Visit Modern Art Galleries, Historical Stadiums, Lighthouses and Parks in this Quaint and Unique City.

Interestingly, before the city was developed, prior to 1830s, the land the city is on right now was nothing more than wetlands and swampy forests….and rather unoccupied except for the Potawatomi Indians who were staying near the trails. Today, it has a thriving population of more than 75,000 people and with many modern and historical attractions to call its own.

It is now home to a very cool performance venue called ‘Space’ which features world class entertainment, the picturesque Northwestern University, Ryan Field for football games, and the beloved old Grosse Point Lighthouse which many residents have fondly been to when they were children. Even for those who are no longer living in this Illinois city have good memories about this quaint lighthouse.

Unlike before, Evanston has grown from swamp land to being one of the better cities to live in or travel to. Events like wedding receptions, corporate functions, business meetings, exhibitions, group gatherings, parties, reunions, school field trips, church outings are being held in the city almost every day of the year. If you intend to organize a similar event, give US Coachways a call for an affordable bus rental package and we will provide you with a reliable charter bus, coach charter, mini bus, school bus, party bus, or even exotic vehicles like limousines and unique cars for proms and weddings.

Visit Some of Evanston’s Unique Attractions by Charter Bus

Evanston boasts of some of the best and unique attractions in the state of Illinois, and we hope that visitors will spend some quality time exploring some of the city’s most historical and thought-provoking points of interest during their visit.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Longing to catch a musical event while you are in Evaston, IL? If so, organize a group trip to catch a cool musical performance at Space on Chicago Avenue. Enjoy a good LIVE performance or concert in a place that provides guests and tourists with world class shows in a warm and inviting venue. When you are hungry in the middle of a show, there is always Union Pizza to the rescue. The attraction first opened its doors in 2006, they have consistently worked hard to bring world class entertainment to the people of Evanston. Instead of featuring a particular genre of music, its aim is to bring music fans their favorite musicians and performer to the city.
  • Art & Cultural — The picturesque Northwestern University on Clark Street is not just a beautiful sight to look at, set against the lakefront ad spread cross Lake Michigan, it is a hotspot for cultural events and a place for visitors to catch a show put on by its theater department. Even on days that the students are off, like holidays and weekends, people can usually be found languidly walking around because of the scenery and wide open space. It remains to be one of the country’s finest educational organizations. Evanston’s Mary and Leigh Block Museum on Arts Circle Drive is a prime example of how an art museum experience should be like. With more than 4,000 exhibits in the form of drawings, photos, prints, sculptures and mixed media, the age of these exhibits range from 13th century to the modern times of today.
  • Restaurant & Shopping — There are many quaint local stores and retail outlets selling unique trinkets, souvenirs, daily-use products in Evanston downtown area but if you are looking for serious shopping therapy, most of the bigger malls are located in neighboring communities. Popular art galleries and stores  in the city, however, are Image Gallery (Sherman Avenue), Botti Studio (Grove Street) or Alley Gallery (Sherman Avenue). There is no shortage of restaurants and cafes to choose from in downtown Evanston either - Mt. Everest Restaurant serves up authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine, Phoenix Inn is where you will find unique Chinese fanfares, Golden Olympic serves American and Greek cuisine, Joy Yee Noodle serves Pan Asian dishes and Le Poop Pancake House and Grill is where visitors are treated to classic breakfast and lunch.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues —Want to find out what the football scene is like in Evanston, Illinois? The best place for that would be at Ryan Field on Central Street. This sports facility is easy to find, has ample parking space, is strategically-located and also close to the downtown city center. Because the stadium is relatively small and intimate, there are, quite literally, no bad seats in the stadium. No matter where the seating is, visitors can catch the whole game without missing out on the on-field action.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — The sight of Grosse Point Lighthouse often bring residents who grew up in this welcoming city back down memory lane. They will always remember watching boats sailing by out in the waters, having romantic walks with their loved ones, hanging out at greenery around the water edge or just sitting around and spotting unassuming small animals. There is a small playground and community garden for little kids to play around in while adults can enjoy the view or climb the tower when it is open. In the meantime, the one special place to learn about Evanston’s growth as a city is at Evanston History Center located on Greenwood Street. Since it is located near Charles Gates Dawes House, which is a National Historic Landmark, visitors can kill two birds with one stone. The house in itself is very educational because it gives visitors an insight into one of the country’s most prominent man who was a U.S. Vice President, WWI General, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, philanthropist and an Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Visiting the museum and house is an eye-opening and enlightening experience. For those who are interested about learning about the history of American Indians in the region, head over to Mitchell Museum of the American Indian on Central Park Avenue. It showcases exhibits like 'Did You Know They've Native IV', 'Moccasins', 'Storytelling: Inspiring Traditions for Generations', 'All My Relations: A Seneca History', 'A Regional Tour of American Indian Cultures', 'The Photographs of Edward S. Curtis' and many more.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Looking for a place to let the kids run around and have some fun when the weather permits? Organize a group outing to Dawes Park on Sheridan Road and just right beside Lake Michigan. Come enjoy a languid walk on well-maintained paths and walkways, play a Frisbee, walk your dog, have a jog or just lounge around and have a picnic with your loved ones on the grass. It also serves as a great place for wedding photos because of its amazing scenery.
  • Other Points of Interest — Even those who are not into or have never heard of Toby Jugs will have a fantastic time at The American Toby Jug Museum on Chicago Avenue. Toby Jugs are mugs made out of historical, popular characters or other general persons or animals. When you go through the museum, you will be amused with how the first Tobies were made in the 1760s and how it got so popular that people collect their own personal favorites. Tobies were first made popular in England and subsequently made its way to American shores. Visiting the museum will open your eyes to a world of Tobies no one thought was going to last for very long.

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