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Ride your Greenville charter bus brings you and your group to the historic city that has seen its share of battles and has risen from Civil War ruins to become a very progressive city and popular destination for tourists in a very small time. Downtown Greenville is in a word : beautiful.

Greenville, located in the Upcountry, was a declining mill town that in the past 20 years has reinvented itself as a thriving weekend tourist destination. Its wide, four-block Main Street retains its old-fashioned buildings and tree canopy, all of which your Greenville charter bus group will get to experience. Storefronts boast non-chain and specialty boutiques, restaurants, coffee houses and lounges. Offices and condos fill abandoned textile factories. At night, your charter bus group members can take a stroll on the Main Street and listen to live music beneath trees strung with miniature lights.

The atrophied Reedy River is cleaned and now edged by extensive landscaping lined with quiet walking trails. This is often a wonder for your charter bus group. There are numerous festivities located here in the warm months, Reedy River Park stages the evening Upstate Shakespeare Festival at an outdoor amphitheater. Fine-arts performances are offered riverside in the Peace Center if your charter bus group visits in the later afternoon or early evening, they are sure to catch something fun going on here.

History buffs amongst your charter bus group will be interested to see Cowpens National Battlefield (located about 15 minutes northeast of Greenville), which was the site of a major and morale-boosting victory by the Revolutionaries. The site signifies the successful use by the Colonists of a shoot-and-run tactic against the British Army's standard marching formation. Kings Mountain National Military Park was the site of another major Revolutionary War victory for the Patriots. Both these sites will delight members of your charter bus group.

The BMW Museum is one of the major attractions of Greenville for your charter bus group. It's actually located in the suburb of Greer and is next to the airport. Greenville Charter Bus group members can see the museum from Interstate 85. Factory tours are temporarily suspended due to refurbishing of the factory, but the outside of the factory can be toured at this time. There are a number of BMW cars, including James Bond's Z3 convertible that he used in several films. The number one question asked about the James Bond car is does it shoot missiles as it did in the film? The answer is no. Your charter bus group members can see BMW influences all over town. A visitor's center, with films highlighting BMW's "commitment to engineering and its neighboring communities" can be seen by your charter bus tour group.

There are many things to do here for your charter bus group. The Bi-lo Center is downtown and plays host to big concerts and events. Heritage Green is home to the Library and most of the museums that Greenville has to offer. Falls Park on the Reedy is gorgeous and breathe taking.

The Liberty Bridge and the entire park is a must see destination for the your charter bus group members. It is all that you'll talk about after visiting it on your Greenville charter bus. Near the park is the Historic West end district of downtown. It's an area that is growing rapidly and offers much in the way of entertainment. This area hosts the city's arts district which has many galleries and theaters for your charter bus group to explore. If your charter bus group enjoys window shopping, this is the place. Up and down Main St. are famous Greenville citizens who now forever live as statues, as well as bronze mice that are scattered here and there which your charter bus group will find are fun to search out, and a bronze briefcase in front of city offers visitor's guides.

Greenville Charter Bus group members will find an amazing quality of life in this city. Also, Greenville Charter Bus group members get to drive to the nearby historic neighborhoods and Alta Vista, Greenville's most prestigious neighborhood and home to its most prestigious addresses, McDaniel Ave and Crescent Ave. where beautiful Victorian and Old Plantation style homes abound.

Right on the lake, open year round is Kelly's Landing. Greenville Charter Bus group members can have the Super Sunday Buffet Breakfast. Shrimp Alexander as an appetizer or main course is very good. A very charming casual atmosphere is there in Moose head Lake, another of Greenville Charter Bus stops for meals. Prices are very reasonable Fresh Seafood is the specialty of this place.

Greenville has a lot of history and scenic beauty to offer your next charter bus tour. Load up your group today and come see this historic city!

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