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Morton Grove IL was selected as one of the best towns for families by reputable Family Circle Magazine. In fact, it ranked amongst the top 10 cities to raise your kids in the country. What is really great about Morton Grove is that there is a splash of modern urban life, a tinge of downtown groove and then there is a sleepy city element to the residential area. It is a mish-mash of life in the fast lane and suburban life here. The real estate industry is thriving and yet affordable while there is a fair number of large companies offering fantastic salaried jobs and there is a good school around almost every corner. What differentiates Morton Grove IL from other larger and busier cities is that there is a lot less stress and wide open space is everywhere.

The less-stress lifestyle is reflected in the number of entertainment options that we have here and our Morton Grove charter bus rental customers have voiced up about what they like about the city. Pioneer Park seems to be a popular choice when it comes to school outings, charity events and corporate functions. The park is also top choice for weddings and photography. Our Morton Grove charter bus rental customers choose Pioneer Park for dance lessons, childcare, swimming, races, summer camps, musical events, birthday parties and also to participate in the athletic programs for local youth and teens. During summer, schools and colleges would often hold the summer camps here. It is, as you can very well see, an extremely popular and fun place to be in.

The Morton Grove Historical Museum has been relocated to Harrer Park and was previously known as Haupt-Yehl house. The house represents the yesteryears and teaches the young of today about Morton Grove's charming history. It looks like a German farm house and has been maintained as such. The aim of the museum is to preserve a little bit of history about how the Germans and English set foot in the country and it is precisely stuff like this young, modern American kids should learn more about.

If you have a couple of hours to spare and are on a budget, then Chick Evans is a great golf course that the Chicago locals love. You can't beat the price of Chick Evans, just Google and find out more. There are 18 holes to conquer and is comparatively short. Typically, it will take an intermediate level golfer about four hours to complete the course. Our Morton Grove charter bus rental customers have raving reviews about how clean and well-maintained the golf course is and have stated that they do not mind going again the next time they come to Morton Grove.

For those who are game for some bowling, enjoy the state of the art bowling facilities at Classic Bowl. The booths are spacious, new, modern, and comfortable; hence, it is great for the Saturday night bowling or party. There are meeting rooms for more formal gatherings.

In the meantime, we think you can find your perfect bus ride on the fleet page; please head over and check them out. And when you are ready to book a Morton Grove charter bus rental service from us, you would know that US Coachways is always only a call away.

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