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Santa Rosa CA – A Side Of LA That You Don’t Get To See Anywhere Else

Where LA is where the party is, Santa Rosa is where serenity is. Welcome to Santa Rosa CA if this is your first time here and we are sure glad that you have come to US Coachways to make your trip here an even more memorable one. We are sure that we can make your vacation a much more comfortable and luxurious one. Especially when you have so many wineries to choose from.

Santa Rosa never used to be a tourist attraction although it sits right beside Napa Valleys and Sonoma. But BECAUSE of its strategic location, many wineries and vineyards popped up and the city, thereafter, began to rise up the list of top attractions in CA. Thanks to the amazing year-round weather which contributes largely to the thriving wine making industry here. So, wine lovers, you can sure that your appetite for good wine will be satiated here. If you are traveling in a large group, we strongly recommend getting your hands on a reliable charter bus suitable from us, just give our customer representatives a call right now to get started.

The City Council for Santa Rosa are consistently making positive changes to the city to encourage a healthier number tourist visits every year. Landmarks, public amenities, museums, Central Old Courthouse, City Hall and other city-owned buildings undergoes regular maintenance to enhance tourists’ experiences when they are here.

For people who love architecture, photography or history, it is going to be field day. There are churches, old but refurbished buildings, towers and homes resonate from another era and the city council makes considerable effort to restore them to their former glory. Don’t forget to stop the bus off at the Cathedral of St. Eugene and also, not to mention, the remnants of what used to the Carrillo home.

When it comes to historical buildings, nothing beats Railroad Square where clusters of commercial buildings in the downtown area attract throngs of tourists from far and wide every year. The foreign tourists are not the only ones who make regular visits to this area, even the locals bring their families and friends here just for fun.

Not to be left behind, Santa Rosa is known for their many museums too. For instance, there is the Pacific Coast Air Museum and Charles M. Schulz Museum which are popular with school and college kids.

Thank you for dropping by our website for information about Santa Rosa CA. We, over here at US Coachways, look forward to serving you during your vacation and we sincerely hope that you will bring home unforgettable memories about Santa Rosa CA home with you.

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