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Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Dells is a city in Columbia County, in the Madison metro area. The community straddles Columbia, Sauk and Adams counties. The community is in the Central Standard time zone. This place is on the Wisconsin River. In an effort to promote tourism, the community changed its name from Kilbourn to Wisconsin Dells in 1931.The Wisconsin bus charter group members like this place much more now due the to the construction of an indoor water park.

The Wisconsin bus charter group members will get to see Circus World Museum, Dells Auto Museum, Alien Planet, Mid-Continent Railway Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum. There are lots of places for the Wisconsin bus charter group members to shop also.

The first of its kind in the itinerary and a stop where all the Wisconsin bus charter members will laugh heartily is Circus World Museum. Don't just see it, be it! The Wisconsin bus charter group members can enjoy circus performances & interactive programs that let kids be the star. Journey through exciting, colorful exhibits that transport you into the world of the circus. It is open year-round and the Wisconsin bus charter members are very welcome.

Dells Auto Museum is another place of interest. The Wisconsin bus charter takes it s group members to look at an interesting display of vintage autos from 1901 to 1990--always changing--always new. The museum features many interesting items including Indy 500 pace cars & convertibles. Also on display are antique dolls, toys, license plates & clothing collections. The younger members of Wisconsin bus charter will like these displays very much.

Alien Planet is another place with special glasses on and watches on the walls come alive around you! Wisconsin bus charter group members' adventure begins in the hologram room where something suddenly goes wrong - the aliens have escaped! The Wisconsin bus charter group members will have to visit the cloning lab, botanical nursery, alien morgue, toxic waste room and more! Over 2 dozen aliens, including a ten-foot-tall creature that just loves visitors (for lunch)! The Wisconsin bus charter members can have fun and some extraterrestrial excitement! Alien Planet souvenirs are available too!

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum is another stop that will charm the Wisconsin bus charter group members. Do something extraordinary and discover weird oddities. Witness the strange, the unbelievable, and the downright Looney. 8 amazing galleries, 2 sit-down theaters, 7 video presentations. More than a museum--It's an adventure for the charter group.

All it takes is one look around Wisconsin Dells to see that shopping is the number one activity for visitors to the area. From the Downtown Shopping District lined with quaint fudge shops to world-class spas with luxurious product lines, feel free to be a bit indulgent. After all, you're on vacation!

Aunt Jenny's Little Shop on the Corner has on the offering Aunt Jenny's Ice Cream, Candy and Crafts to the Wisconsin bus charter group members. Dandelion is especial shop that every Wisconsin bus charter group member should visit. It is a shop of distinction featuring artistic gifts for all. The Dandelion displays a color palate with graphic art, home decor, cards, posters, jewelry, glassware, & accessories. They are conveniently located just below the High Rock Cafe at the corner of Broadway and Oak Street in downtown Dells. Their staff is quite friendly staff and will help you with your gift needs.

Helen's Daughters is another great stop for the Wisconsin bus charter members. The Studio is a collection of handbags, pouches, backpacks and totes designed by local artist. The Shop has "neat stuff".

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