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Comprehensive Corporate Charter Bus Rental Services

US Coachways—Serving Government, Business and Industry for More Than 30 Years

In just about any business, including government operations, there's a need for ground transportation services at some point. You may be sending a group of employees to a conference, or hosting a convention in your town. You may need shuttle services for a business meeting or other company event. You may need transportation for a large influx of employees working on a special project. If you're in a government position, you may need to respond to a weather emergency or book ground transportation with a GSA-approved vendor. Regardless of your business, corporate or government needs, US Coachways can help.

An Overview of Our Corporate Charter Bus Services

We offer a wide range of charter bus rental services to businesses and business owners across the United States:

  • Corporate and industrial charter bus rentals — We provide group travel to conferences, workshops, training, team-building exercises and other company functions; offer meet and greet services for visitors; and provide VIP ground transportation services.
  • Convention and event transportation services — We will customize shuttle services to ensure that participants get where they need to go when they need to be there. We'll meet and greet attendees at airports, train stations or other venues. We also offer onsite dispatch services.
  • Emergency and natural disaster transportation — We provide evacuation or shuttle services in any type of local or national emergency, including weather-related disasters, accidents and industrial calamities
  • Shuttle bus services — We will design and implement solutions to shuttle groups of people for any purpose, including business, family, public events and emergency situations. We'll use our experience, skill and knowledge to identify ideal pickup and drop-off locations and set schedules that maximize efficiency.
  • General Services Administration approved transportation needs — We have been certified by GSA to provide charter bus rentals to the federal government and its entities, including the armed forces.

At US Coachways, we bring more than three decades of charter bus rental experience to businesses and business owners throughout the United States. To get a free quote, go to our easy-to-use online Cost Calculator. For more information about the services we provide or to get answers to any questions about charter bus rentals, call 1-855-287-2427 and speak with a travel consultant.

Why a Charter Bus is Ideal for Your Corporate Travel Needs

There's no other mode of transportation that offers the benefits of a charter bus:

  • Dependability — Cancellations and delays are virtually non-existent with a charter bus. Your driver can anticipate roadway problems and find alternate routes, and it's usually fairly easy for us to find a replacement coach, if necessary.
  • Flexibility — There's no other type of ground transportation that gives you as much control and agility. You decide when you'll leave, where you'll be picked up, where you'll stop, how long you'll stay and when you'll return.
  • Affordability — Charter buses are routinely one of the most cost effective options for group travel.
  • Comfort — There's more leg room on a charter bus than any mode of travel. Most charter buses have high-back bucket seats, with only two per side. The aisles are spacious, too, and you don't have to stay strapped in your seat.
  • Safety and security - With a charter bus, there's a highly skilled and trained professional behind the wheel. In addition, there's limited access, so you can easily monitor who comes and goes.
  • Stress-free travel — You won't have to worry about the details. Your driver will navigate, keep an eye on the clock and handle parking. There's no TSA security checkpoint, so you won't have to stand in line, take off your shoes or discard your toiletries. You'll be on the same coach throughout your trip, so no worries about lost bags of missed connections. Your devices won't interfere with navigational systems, either, so you can stay connected at all times.

The US Coachways Pledge

At US Coachways, we're constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our clients. Our goal—plain and simple—provide a customer experience you won't find anywhere else. When you look to us to help meet your business and corporate ground transportation needs, you can expect:

  • The benefits of our purchasing power—We book, on average, more than $55 million in annual charter bus rentals. That gives us the vendor commitment and the local market savvy to get highly competitive pricing.
  • Unmatched flexibility—Because of the vast nationwide network of charter bus service providers who work with us, we can typically accommodate last-minute or real-time changes to your travel schedule, or set up a new booking with short notice.
  • A broad array of vehicle options—For smaller groups, you can rent a mini-bus, with seating for 24 to 35 and lots of space for personal items. The full-sized buses have room for up to 57 passengers and an on-board bathroom. Multiple bus rentals are always an option and ADA-accessible coaches are available.
  • Your own dedicated project management team, available and accessible whenever you need assistance. You'll also have a single point of contact at all times.
  • Full-service transportation logistical support, from an analysis of effective drop-off and pickup locations to assessments of road construction or other roadway problems. We can also help you secure lodging or accommodations for out-of town visitors.
  • The use of the US Coachways online Trip Management Portal , a handy tool that lets you view invoices, itineraries and other information from all your bookings in one convenient location.
  • Comprehensive dispatch services, with the capability to manage multiple pickup and drop-off locations simultaneously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let Us Help with Your Business Ground Transportation Needs

At US Coachways, we have provided effective ground transportation solutions to businesses and business owners for more than 30 years. To learn about the ways that we can help meet your company's travel needs or to ask any questions about charter bus rentals, call 1-855-287-2427 and speak with an experienced travel consultant. To get an estimate on the cost of a charter bus rental, use our convenient online Cost Calculator. You'll get a quote within minutes, as well as a follow-up email from one of our booking agents.