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Full-Service Logistical Support for Ground Transportation

The Comprehensive Services You Get with a US Coachways Charter Bus Rental

In life, you have to expect the unexpected. You can have intricate plans designed to ensure that your group trip goes without a hitch, but things happen. At US Coachways, we believe the keys to a successful outing are attention to detail and a commitment to real-time, effective logistical support. With a charter bus rental from US Coachways, you'll ride with confidence, knowing we're there to promptly respond to any unforeseen challenges.

A Charter Bus—The Smart Option for Group Travel Anywhere

When you're in charge of a group outing, there are many decisions to be made, all of which seem to be critical. In most instances, though, there's no decision more important than your mode of travel. Get that right and you might not get a lot of kudos, but get it wrong and it can put a big damper on everything else. With a charter bus rental, you'll have:

  • More options and more control than any other type of travel—There's no mode of transportation that lets you decide when and where you'll be picked up, how often you'll stop, how long you'll stay at each place, what you'll see and when you'll return. In most situations, you can amend your travel plans—leave early or stay another day—without much difficulty. We can usually book an entire excursion with little notice.
  • A dependable mode of travel—Did you know that more than 800,000 air travelers arrive late somewhere every day (on average)? That doesn't happen with a charter bus. Your driver has the tools and resources to anticipate traffic snarls and find alternate routes to get you there on time. Furthermore, because we have strong relationships with charter bus vendors across the country, we can usually find a replacement coach nearby.
  • Safety and security—Your driver has considerable experience and has been through rigorous training. In addition, there's limited access to your bus, so you won't have any surprise guests. You and your personal items will be safe and sound.
  • A relaxing way to travel—On a charter bus, you'll have someone else watching the clock, checking the GPS, navigating traffic and finding parking. You'll be on the same coach throughout your trip, and your bags will be with you. You won't have to worry about missed connections or lost luggage. There's no TSA security checkpoint, so you won't have to stand in line, take off your shoes, empty your pockets, or put your toiletries in little plastic bags. There's no such thing as "bus mode" for your phone, either. Stay connected at all times.
  • The most comfortable ride you can find—The seats are wide, with more leg room than any method of travel. There's no middle seat, either. The aisles are roomy, and there's no requirement that you keep your seatbelt buckled at all times.
  • One of the most cost-effective ways to travel—You'll be sharing a lot of the costs of travel with fellow passengers, which consistently makes charter bus travel one of the most affordable ways to take a group somewhere.
  • A mode of travel…and more—With a charter bus, you'll have a captive audience, which makes it a great space for most types of meetings. Motivate the team before a big game, run through a choral piece before a concert, or prep employees for an important meeting. Your bus can also serve as a quiet haven in the midst of a hectic group outing.
  • An opportunity to help the planet—When you travel with others on a charter bus, you'll be taking a number of personal vehicles off the roads. That reduces carbon emissions and benefits the environment.

At US Coachways, we bring more than 30 years of hands-on experience to individuals, groups and group leaders across the country. Call our office at 1-855-287-2427 for more information or to get answers to your questions about charter bus rentals. Go to our convenient online Cost Calculator for a free estimate on the cost of a charter bus trip anywhere in the United States.

Our Industry Leading Logistical Support

We take a comprehensive approach to transportation logistics, working closely with our customers to identify contingencies that might have an impact on your event or travel. We'll create and implement detailed plans to effectively address and resolve potential challenges, with a focus on:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of your ground transportation services.
  • Ensuring that your coach offers sufficient space for the comfort of your participants and to carry all necessary personal items.
  • With shuttle and similar services, identifying the optimal pickup and drop-off locations, as well as times, so that you can move the most people with the fewest trips.
  • Effective cost-management.
  • Real-time monitoring of events and contingencies that might interfere with your itinerary.
  • Getting you and your fellow travelers where they need to be when they need to be there.

With our 24/7 dispatch and a dedicated team working with you at all times, you can expect a timely and results-oriented response to any situation.

The US Coachways Commitment

For more than 30 years, we've had a singular focus—to provide the highest levels of customer service and attention in the business. We constantly look for new ways to improve your customer experience. When you book a charter bus with US Coachways, you'll get:

  • A wide range of charter bus options—With our nationwide network of charter bus service providers, we have access to an outstanding selection of coaches, from mini-buses to full-sized coaches. The mini-buses are perfect for small-to-medium-sized groups, with seating for 24 to 35. The full-sized buses accommodate 57 passengers and have an on-board bathroom. All charter buses (except for some of the school buses) come with high-back bucket seats, climate control, a great sound system, and plenty of space for personal items. Multiple bus rentals are always an option and ADA-accessible coaches can be booked.
  • Comprehensive dispatch services throughout your trip—24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Access to the US Coachways online Trip Management Portal –This state-of-the-art tool lets you see invoices, itineraries and other information from all your US Coachways bookings in a single location.
  • A dedicated project management team, with one point of contact at all times—You'll work with the same US Coachways team members throughout your trip.
  • Highly competitive pricing—We set up, on average, more than $55 million in charter bus rentals every year. That gives us substantial purchasing power, based on vendor loyalty and strong local market knowledge.
  • Flexibility—Because of our extensive network of charter bus service providers, it's usually easy for us to make last-minute or real-time modifications to your itinerary. We can also find replacement coaches with relatively little delay.

US Coachways has been certified by the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide charter bus rentals to the United States government and its agencies, including the armed forces.

Rely on US Coachways for Unmatched Logistical Support

At US Coachways, we have set the standard in the charter bus rental industry for more than three decades. When you book a charter bus trip anywhere in the United States, you can expect world class logistical support throughout your trip. To get a free quote on the cost of a charter bus rental, go to our easy-to-use online Cost Calculator. You'll get a complimentary estimate within minutes, as well as a follow up e-mail. For answers to any questions about charter bus rentals, or learn more about the scope of services we provide, call 1-855-287-2427 and speak with an experienced travel consultant.