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Ohio Charter Bus Rental Services

Visit the Buckeye State in the Luxury, Comfort and Safety of a Charter Bus

Columbus, Ohio

There's much to see and do in Ohio, from the shores of Lake Erie to the stunning views of the Ohio River near Cincinnati. From Cedar Point to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, from the Flats in Cleveland to the Amish Country in central Ohio, there's much to take in. You don't want to spend most of your time behind the wheel, checking your GPS or worrying about when you'll get there. With a charter bus rental from US Coachways, you can relax while someone else does all the work!

The Many Advantages to Charter Bus Travel

When you're in charge of setting up a group outing, there are lots of details that need your attention. Here's an easy decision that will make you a hero with your fellow attendees—travel to and from Ohio in the comfort, convenience and luxury of a charter bus from US Coachways. With a charter bus, you'll get:

  • More flexibility than you'll find anywhere else—There's no other mode of travel that lets you decide when and where you'll depart, when and how often you'll stop, how long you'll stay, and when you'll return. In most instances, you can make last-minute or real-time changes to your itinerary without a problem.
  • Transportation you can rely on—Did you know that more than 850,000 air travelers arrive late somewhere every day? That doesn't happen with a charter bus. Your driver has the tools and resources to anticipate slowdowns and find alternate routes to get you there on time. Our access to charter bus vendors nationwide also makes it easier for us to find a replacement coach, if necessary.
  • Unmatched comfort—The sits are big and comfy, with more leg room than any other mode of travel. There's no middle seat, either. The aisles are wide and you can walk about at your convenience.
  • A cost-effective mode of travel—On a charter bus, you'll share many of the expenses of travel with fellow passengers, making it consistently one of the most affordable ways to take a group anywhere.
  • Safety and security—There's a highly trained and skilled driver on your bus, so accidents are rare. In addition, the limited access to your coach makes it easy to monitor who comes and goes, so you and your belongings will be safe and secure.
  • A low-stress way to travel—Think about it—you won't have to deal with traffic, check the GPS, look at your watch or try to find a place to park—your driver will handle all those details. There's no TSA checkpoint, so you can keep your shoes on and bring your favorite shampoo. You'll be on the same bus for the entire trip and your luggage will be stowed below—no missed connections or lost bags. Your phone and other devices won't interfere with navigational systems, so you can stay connected at all times.
  • More than just a way to get there and back—Your bus is a great space for a group meeting, and can also offer a quiet corner in the midst of a hectic trip to Ohio.
  • A chance to avoid traffic jams—On a charter bus, you'll be able to travel in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes.
  • An opportunity to help the environment—When you join others on a charter bus, you take a number of private vehicles off the roads, lowering carbon emissions.

Choose US Coachways

At US Coachways, we book more charter bus trips every year than any other company in America. For more than 35 years, we have been committed to bringing people and events together, with an emphasis on safety and reliability. We offer special expertise in short notice bookings and trips involving complex logistics.

Our powerful, fast-connect reservation system makes it easy for us to book more than 25,000 charter bus excursions every year. In addition, our longstanding relationships with charter bus vendors nationwide means that you'll always have options, and will be able to find the ideal bus for your group and your trip.

To get a free quote on the cost of a charter bus trip to Ohio, go to our user-friendly online Cost Calculator. For answers to your questions about charter bus travel, or to learn about the many ways we can assist you, call 1-855-287-2427 and speak with an experienced luxury travel consultant.

Have the Time of Your Life in Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Ohio is a big state, with a diverse topography and diverse cultures. There's something for just about everyone here:

  • Cedar Point, Put-in-Bay and the Lake Erie shoreline — All along the northern shoreline of Ohio, you'll find plenty of opportunities for fun, sun and great times. Cedar Point, in Sandusky (the state's northwest corner) is one of the country's largest and most popular amusement parks, with 17 roller coasters, water rides and live entertainment venues. Put-in-Bay, a village on South Bass Island, just north of Sandusky, is a summer paradise, with beaches, bars and lots of live music. You'll need to take the ferry to get there, as it's nearly six miles out into Lake Erie. There are dozens of great places to swim and get some sun, from Lake Erie Shores, just west of Cleveland to Presque Isle, near the Pennsylvania Border.
  • Cleveland — Cleveland rocks!!! And not just at the International Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Of course, you don't want to make the journey there without visiting rock's hall, which also pays homage to blues, R n' B, folk and hip hop. Other great museums in Cleveland include the Museum of Natural History and the Cleveland Museum of Art, with Rodin, Monet and Caravaggio in its collections, as well as classic Depression era photos from Walker Evans. Foodies will be in Heaven in Cleveland, from the authentic cuisine of Little Italy to pierogies, gyros, bratwurst and corned beef at the city's many great sandwich shops. They love their burgers in Cleveland, too—here are some of the city's best. For nightlife, head over to the Flats, along the Cuyahoga River, where you'll find plenty of clubs and night spots with craft beer and live music.
  • Cincinnati — Head due south about 250 miles and you'll come to this gem on the Ohio River. You may not find a more diverse skyline anywhere in the country, if the world. Cincinnati has embraced architectural innovation with a vengeance. But there's a lot more to this great city. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is considered by many to be one of the best in the country. Visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center or the James A. Ramage Civil War Museum. Cincinnati's long ethnic heritage shines through its cuisine and its beer culture. Enjoy a bowl of Cincinnati-style chili (served with spaghetti), a tribute to the city's Greek history. Have a plate of Goetta, a fried sausage loaf typically served for breakfast. Did you know that Prohibition failed completely in Cincy? The locals built tunnels under the city streets, known as "lager tunnels," to keep the brews flowing. Not surprisingly, Cincinnati remains one of the premier old-style and craft beer meccas in the country.
  • The Amish country — Visit rural Holmes County, home to nearly 20,000 Amish. Stop by the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center in Berlin to learn more and see Amish art and goods. You can also take a tour of a 100 acre Amish farm.

Our Commitment at US Coachways

At US Coachways, we are always looking for ways to improve your charter bus experience. We are committed to maximizing:

  • Your safety—Your personal safety is always our top priority
    • All US Coachways employees are required to maintain compliance with all DOT rules and regulations and to complete all regularly scheduled DOT training
    • All automotive techs who work on the buses we charter must earn the Blue Seal of Excellence from the National Institute for Automobile Safety
    • All charter bus vendors who provide coaches to US Coachways must conduct a thorough inspection of any vehicle we book, with specific checks and balances, to ensure compliance with our Gold Star of Approval
    • We use Carrier411, the leading carrier monitoring program, to maintain compliance with DOT rules and regulations and to ensure the safety of your passengers
  • You options—We have relationships with charter bus vendors in more than 100 hubs across the country, giving us access to more than 5,000 coaches nationwide
    • That assures you access to an unparalleled fleet of charter coaches on demand
    • Our relationships with a vast network of charter bus service providers also makes it easier for us to book short notice trips
  • Your comfort and convenience—We employ state-of-the-art technology to make your trip more enjoyable
    • Our online Trip Management Portal lets you fast-connect to a system where you can view invoices, itineraries and other information from all your US Coachways outings in one place. The system also lets you get a quote, make changes to an upcoming trip, make payments or track a reservation.
    • We offer modern amenities, such as SmartDrive, Wifi, DVD players and flat screen monitors, high-tech two-way radios and video monitoring of your bus
    • Our drivers have access to the Bus Route Analysis program to monitor traffic patterns in real time, identifying potential roadblocks, slowdowns and other roadway issues in advance, so that alternate routes can be found

Let US Coachways Find Your Ideal Coach

A charter bus rental is a sure-fire way to help make a group trip successful, but you want to take the time to make certain you have the right bus for your group and your trip, one with plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable, but not a lot of empty seats.

When you book with US Coachways, we'll carefully gather all the details about your event—how many people will be coming, what you'll need to bring or want to take home, how far you'll be traveling, and any other special needs of your participants. Then we'll work closely with our extensive network of charter bus service providers to find the coach that best-suited for your trip and your people.

If you're visiting Ohio with a large group, you'll definitely want a full-sized charter bus, with room for up to 57 passengers and an on-board bathroom. Multiple bus rentals are customarily an option, so invite as many people as you like. ADA-compliant coaches are usually available, too. If you're traveling with a smaller group, consider the mini-bus, with a number of different models that seat anywhere from 24 to 35.

All charter buses, except for a few school buses, come with climate control, high-back bucket seats, a great sound system, and plenty of storage space. Other modern conveniences, such as Wifi, DVD players and monitors, electrical outlets and charging ports, public address systems, hardwood floors and leather seats, may be available for an extra fee. Talk with your booking agent.

Take a Charter Bus for Any Trip to Ohio

You won't find another mode of travel that offers the reliability, safety, affordability, comfort, flexibility and convenience you'll get with a charter bus rental. That makes is a great decision for any excursion to Ohio:

  • Family events — Reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, retirement parties and even family vacations
  • Business and corporate travel — Conventions, conferences, training sessions, sales and business meetings, seminars, workshops, team-building exercises, company volunteer projects, golf outings, picnics and holiday parties
  • Church outreach — Mission trips, local ministries, small group outings, adult and youth fellowship opportunities, choir tours, retreats, church camp sessions, faith-based conferences and conventions
  • School outings — Band and orchestra festivals, cultural events, athletic team travel, sorority and fraternity excursions, student volunteer work, prom and graduation after-parties
  • Senior citizen and retiree events — Shopping trips, museums and historical attractions, plays and concerts, casino outings, fall foliage tours
  • Special happenings — Touring Broadway shows, championships and bowl games, college and professional sports, motor car races, food and cultural festivals, winery tours, stadium and arena concerts, public rallies

Make Your Ohio Charter Bus Reservations Today!

At US Coachways, we've been leaders in the charter bus rental business for more than 35 years, consistently identifying and implementing effective ground transportation solutions for groups, group leaders and businesses nationwide. To get a free estimate on the cost of an outing to Ohio, go to our easy-to-use online Cost Calculator. We'll send a quote within minutes. To learn more about the full range of services we offer, or to ask any questions about charter bus rentals, call 1-855-287-2427 and talk with an experienced luxury travel consultant.