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Travel Kansas With A Charter Bus Rental

Kansas Bus Charter "The Wheat State" Kansas

The state of Kansas, is "located at the crossroads of America's future and historic past, Kansas is a fabled land of cattle drives and cowboys - replete with names and places like Abilene, Bat Masterson, Dodge City, Wild Bill Hickock and Wyatt Earp.”, as poetically described by its' official tourism website. Poetic this turn of phrase may be, but it accurately describes Kansas, paying tribute to the pioneers. These people who've ultimately triumphed in taming the vast plains, where tens of thousands of buffalo used to roam. But you don't need to roam mindlessly, with a carefully planned itinerary and in your very own Kansas charter bus; you'll be able to explore the states' many attractions in comfort and safety.

Here are some interesting facts about Kansas. First off, the state encompasses all of 82,282 sq miles and its capital is Topeka. It shares borders with four (4) neighboring states: Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. But as vast as this state is, in your Kansas charter bus, you can ride in comfort, and safety to seek out interesting destinations. Kansas' major tributaries are the following Arkansas, Kansas, Saline, Smoky Hill and Republican and Missouri flowing in its northeast corner.

Topographically, Kansas' eastern side is hilly, especially towards the eastern side of Wichita in the Flint Hills. The central Great Plains, with almost endless fields of grain, are flatter, yet still somewhat elevated in places, especially in the Smoky Hills and Red Hills. The high plains of far western Kansas, on its border with Colorado, rise into the state's highest point, Mt. Sunflower, at 4,039 ft. Referred to interchangeably as the "World's Breadbasket" for its huge grain production and for its aircraft manufacturing facilities located in the Wichita area, it also has a lot of meat-packing centers in Kansas City.

Some of it's most recommended and most popular attractions are the following; The Amelia Earhart Museum, Eisenhower Center, the State Capital Building in Topeka, and the Wichita Garden's Botanical. But there are other choice Kansas tourist destinations worth exploring in your very own Kansas charter bus.

Are you an avid fan of NASCAR? Then plan a visit with your sports buddies to the Kansas Speedway, during the month of October. When the NASCAR event takes place in this 1.5 mile oval. You'll see track racing at its' fiercest, lots of bumping and banging, short tempers and fast action. In your Kansas charter bus, you and your friends will have lots of elbow room to move about, and not have to worry about traffic on the way to this event. Or any other racing events that happen at this race track 12 months a year.

Maybe you and friends would enjoy a meal at the Kennel Club and afterwards waging a few bets on simulcast races from greyhound and horse tracks across the country. You can travel in your Kansas charter bus to the Woodlands which are located at 9700 Leavenworth Road, Kansas City and is a dual greyhound and horse racing facility.

Perhaps, you can plan a senior's or children's' tour to the Wyandotte County of Kansas City, for it's a place that has something to interest everybody. You can comfortably explore historic sites, restaurants, shopping, sports and one of kind attractions. Some of the historical sites are the National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame, Strawberry Hill Museum and Grinter Place. Then cap the outing with some lighthearted shopping explorations, you can shop at the Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabela's, and Moon Marble Company Store for those old fashioned toys and games.

Plan a historical tour with family or friends in your Kansas charter bus. If you wish to catch glimpses of how people in the 18th century lived, then The Grinter Place State Historic Site, which is located at the S. 78th Street, is the place to explore. This stately Grinter Place brick farmhouse was home to Moses and Annie Grinter and built in 1862. It sits, overlooking the historic Delaware Crossing on the Kansas River. Nearby is the Grinter's Trading Post, where he traded with the Lenapi (Delaware) Indians, while his wife Annie helped him farm, raise poultry and livestock, and plant an apple orchard. Then go off to the prestigious Wyandotte County Historical Society Museum, which is found in 631 N. 126th Street, Bonner Springs. The National Park Service has designated this museum as a Lewis and Clark Historic National Trail.

This one's for the birds and avid bird watchers! The Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge is the place to go with your binoculars to peek through as more than 450 species of migratory birds pass over Kansas as part of their route each year. In addition, you'll see bison graze the open prairie and have occasion to see the tracks pioneers made with their wagon wheels. Travel in comfort and take in the scenic views through the wide windows of your in your Kansas charter bus.

Kansas bas ninety-nine state wildlife areas. It has four national wildlife refuges, one national grassland, one national preserve, and forty-one state parks. Kansas has dinosaur bones, moon rocks, award winning elderberry wine, great works of art, and the perfect fishing hole for the patient fisherman. It has something special for everyone, so travel to in your Kansas charter bus, to begin exploring its many diverse destinations.

What are the best cities to visit in Kansas?

Kansas City

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