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anderson-busLike many other cities around Anderson, the city thrived during the discovery of natural gas in Indiana but prior to that, the region was settled by William Conner, his wife and family, who were Lenape people. Conner, while maintaining a part of his land, sold part of the land which is where Anderson is today, to John and Sarah Berry. John Berry was also the first person to have laid out a concrete plan for the city and it was named after Chief William ‘Adam’ Anderson. While today, the city center is at the headquarters of Church of God (Anderson) and Anderson University, businesses have sprouted up all around its bustling center. Despite various setbacks, the city was quick to climb back up on its feet especially after the country’s various wars and the economy-paralyzing Panic of 1837. Things quickly came back to life after the construction of the Indianapolis Bellefontaine Railroad was completed, enabling the comeback of several key industries in the region. The Indiana Gas Boom spurred on other industries and Anderson became known as ‘Queen City of the Gas Belt’ and ‘Puncture Proof City’. It followed with the Church of God of Anderson building its world headquarters in Anderson in 1905 and the rest, as they always say, is history. Visitors, therefore, should not miss the chance to bring the charter bus to historic sites around downtown Anderson to learn about its historic buildings, Paramount Theater, Mounds State Park, Anderson Speedway and Hoosier Park Racing and Casino. The city was referenced in a few publications which includes Peanuts the comic strip featuring Snoopy and history novel, The Man with the Iron Heart.

The list of fun attractions and things to do in Anderson is, literally, quite endless. No matter how old you are or what inclination you have, no time is a better time than now to try zip lining with White River Zip Lines where you will get to zip across a scenic skyline or try out one of the region’s most popular haunted tours with Indy Scream Park. You can also have a grand event like social gathering, wedding reception or corporate function at Paramount Theater Center and Ballroom, discover a whole world of mouth-watering cuisine like Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai, Mexican and traditional American cuisine in Anderson’s downtown city center, have a field trip at Military Armor Museum or have an educational outing with your school-going children at Ama-National Model Aviation Museum. If you love the outdoors, be sure to bring the mini bus or school bus for a weekend trip to the historic and scenic Mounds State Park Nature Center too. A charter bus, corporate vehicle, party bus, executive coach or limousine is never too far away with US Coachways. You can tap into our large network of bus owners, operators, agents, drivers and dispatchers easily, even if it is a last minute booking. To experience the comfort of true luxurious ground transportation, you can always count on US Coachways.

Educational, Scenic Attractions in Anderson that Leave a Lasting Memory

The attractions in and around Anderson tend to be very charming, personal and gives you the opportunity to learn something new, either about the city, its culture or its people. The following points of interest are fantastic for people of all ages, whether you like roller skating or scenic walks around Anderson’s busy shopping district, there’s something for everyone.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Anderson offers anything and everything from extremely thrilling rides to family-friendly amusement that are suitable for young children. For instance, there’s indoor and outdoor paintball arena for people to enjoy and they come complete with bunkers and forts for all the action your heart desires. People can also opt for some zip lining along the White River Zip Lines aerial adventure park which is popular with both locals and visitors alike, bring the charter bus to Indy Scream Park which has indoor and outdoor haunted attractions. Although not for the faint-hearted, the attraction manages to bring in thousands of people from all walks of life throughout the time it is open, which is September through to November every year. Hoosier Park Racing and Casino hosts harness racing during weekends that you can be a part of or you can try your luck at the casino and enjoy LIVE entertainment at the same time but for some dance action, pool and bowling, you can always count on the facilities offered by Cooper’s Sport Bowl.

  • Art & Culture — You might be caught by surprise with the sheer number of art attractions that Anderson has to offer and they range from classic ballrooms for fun social events to chic art galleries and historic theaters. Visitors can catch the latest musicals, concerts and dance performances all year round at Reardon Auditorium in downtown Anderson, check out ballets, plays or use the ballroom for wedding receptions or corporate functions at Paramount Theater Center and Ballroom, or learn about what the local pool of talents has to offer at the semi-professional dance company of Anderson Young Ballet Theater and Academy. They remain to be one of the forerunners for modern dance and musical theater in the region. The Anderson’s Mainstage Theater was founded in 1960 with the vision of promoting the Madison County Dramatic Players’ special productions that are put on from May to October throughout the year. In between, visitors will also get to be a part of fun dinner theaters and community events.

  • Restaurant & Shopping — Anderson’s downtown dining and shopping scene is bursting with diversity so, even the most selective foodie in your group is going to find something that they will fall in love with. They can dig into juicy burgers and onion rings with friends at Lemon Drop, grab a quick sandwich and coffee from Trainstop Deli, discover a whole new world of savory Mediterranean and Vegetarian cuisine at The Nile Restaurant, sample some of the most authentic Mexican delicacies from Burro Loco or sink your teeth into the best bruschetta and pizza in town from Tommy J’s Pizza. If there is a party going on and you are looking for a place to hang out and celebrate with your friends, there’s always the fine wines that are unique to Central Indiana to check out at Country Moon Winery, artisan wine from all around the world to pair with authentic meats, cheese, chocolates and ice-cream at Tasteful Times, delicious red and white wine at Chateau Thomas Tasting Room or you can dance to your heart’s content to house music with a trip to Howl to the Moon in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — One of the most historically-significant sites in Anderson remains to be either the Historical Military Armor Museum or the Madison County Historical Society, both offering a large number of artifacts and military stories for visitors to explore and learn about. The former is dedicated to preserving and helping visitors learn about historical artifacts including military vehicles and lightweight tanks, while the latter attraction is housed in the former 1849 mansion of Alexander Jackson Davis. You can also make a trip to Taylor Center of Natural History to learn about Strawtown Koteewi Park, learn about aviation history through simulators, computer games, artifacts and memorabilia at Ama-National Model Aviation Museum, or learn about the growth of Anderson (and its surrounding cities and communities) which were shaped with the construction of various important railways around the country at Indiana Transportation Museum. It shows how these destinations supported each other as they began connecting to each other through various railroad routes around central Indiana.

  • Parks & Outdoor Activities — What’s unique about a trip to Mounds State Park is that it is both a national park and a historic site with some amusement amenities for people of all ages. The Adena culture built the 10 ceremonial mounds in the park but people would often come to this attraction for canoeing. You can also check out the nature center at Mounds State Park Nature Center which features a large number of wildlife in their natural habitat, educational interactive games and group hikes around chosen historic sites or bring the charter bus to The Gardens at Willowcrest, a cremation garden with space for memorials all around its grounds; visitors are often surprised with the beautiful water features, sculptures, walking trails through gardens and wooded area. Other fun destinations to visit during your trip to Anderson includes the walking trails and green lung at Cyntheanne Park in Fishers and horseback riding facilities at Hartmeyer Stable and Saddlery.

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