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Chicopee is located in Hampden County and is a part of the Springfield Massachusetts Metropolitan area. It was given the moniker of ‘Crossroads of New England’ because of its convenient location of having the most highways and routes run through the city center. Chicopee is actually made up of 7 communities - Chicopee Center, Chicopee Falls, Burnett Road, Aldenville, Smith Highlands, Fairview and Willimansett. Much of the city’s history has to do with the countless industries that the city was involved in which includes cotton milling, woolen milling, textile, brass, iron, paper, leather and ship-building.

There is an endless number of attractions, historical landmarks and iconic buildings to check out in this quaint Massachusetts city and whatever you can’t find in the downtown metropolis, you can surely find them a short drive away in neighboring communities. Visitors can have fun with their kids at Holyoke Merry-go-Round or an outdoor family weekend getaway at McCray’s Farm. History lovers are invited to have a field day at The Polish Center of Discovery and Learning while historical landmarks like Ames Tower, Basilica of St. Stanislaus,  Chicopee War Memorial and Frank J. Szot Memorial Park entertains and educates guests.

With a countless number of attractions, cafes, malls, retail outlets, iconic landmarks, beautiful mansions and expansive parks to enjoy in Chicopee, you may want to organize a group outing, family gathering, vacation, corporate function, church outing, school field trip or business meeting in this city. Give US Coachways a call right now to find out how we can tap into our wide network of charter bus owners, operators, agents, dispatchers and drivers to get you the most affordable, modern and safe charter bus, coach charter, mini bus, school bus, limousine, and other ground transportation for your event.

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Wondering if you should visit a particular park, historical landmark or mall in Chicopee because you only have a few days to spend in the city? Read on to find out the basics about some of these interesting Chicopee points of interest and let us help you make better decisions.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Located less than a minute drive away in your charter bus is Holyoke Merry-go-Round at Appleton Street in Holyoke. On top of being a great amusement center for young kids, it is a historical landmark which dates back to 1929 when it first began operations in Mountain Park. On top of hosting regular events, it also offers daycare services and is a great place for summer camps and field trips. Visitors can also rent the venue for special birthday parties and corporate events. Thinking of organizing an entertaining day out with family and friends? Located 15 minutes away from downtown Chicopee is McCray’s Farm located on Alvord Street in South Hadley. Visitors will have the option of playing an 18-hole mini golf game, feed and pet farm animals, discover the workings of a creamery, get a hayride, pick pumpkins or have a haunted hayride. Don’t forget to grab a jug of farm fresh milk and homemade ice-cream when you are done.
  • Art & Cultural — Chicopee is a very culturally-diverse city and one way to learn about how this diversity was achieved is to bring the charter bus to The Polish Center of Discovery and Learning. The exhibits will introduce visitors into a world of contributions from Polish immigrants and their ancestors which helped shaped the city in economy, arts and sciences. Headquartered in Elms College, the center regularly organizes talks, seminars, conferences, special exhibits, concerts, films, plays, and other events that puts Polish history and traditions on center stage.
  • Restaurant & Shopping — There is an endless number of eateries located in downtown Chicopee so, you do not have to go very far in the charter bus to find something suitable for your palate. Hu Ke Lau on Memorial Drive features some authentic Chinese and Hawaiian cuisine while offering light entertainment to its patrons. European fanfare can be found in Cavalier Restaurant, Theodore's Booze Blues and BBQ and Nadim's Mediterranean Grill. There are many exotic dishes to enjoy at restaurants like Cana Korean Restaurant, Priya Indian Cuisine, Munich Haus and Frontera Grill.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Chicopee is one of the most historically-rich cities in the state of Massachusetts; therefore, there are plenty of historical landmarks to check out if you are a history lover. For one, you can bring the rented charter bus to check our Ames Tower which was formerly a part of Ames Manufacturing facilities. On Front Street stands the Basilica of St. Stanislaus. The cathedral-like church brownstone building was built in 1908 using the Baroque Revival Style of architecture. Pope John Paul II called this church a Minor Basilica as it is clearly one of the most intriguing churches or buildings in the city of Chicopee. Another not-to-be-missed historical landmark in Chicopee is the Chicopee City Hall. Take the charter bus around to see this National Historic landmark which was built in 1871 and if time permits, you can also make a quick pit stop at the Chicopee War Memorial along the Boneville Avenue and Front Street intersection downtown. It features statues and monuments dedicated to veterans of both World War II and Vietnam War. Edward Bellamy was a famous and much respected writer and journalist who lived in Chicopee. Visitors can make their way to his home, which is now a national landmark, located on 91-93 Church Street. This is where you will get to learn about the life and work of this detached and sometimes reclusive personality who was an important figure to the city. The Emerson Gaylord Mansion has been described as the Architectural Heritage of the city and it sits on the edge of Elms College campus. Visitors can come have a look or take pictures of this mansion which was styled after the French Second Empire. Other historical landmarks to check out during your trip are The Facemate Tower, Willimansett Dike, an elevated levee, and Westover Air Reserve Base which was built in 1940 known for being one of the largest runways of its time.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  The Frank J. Szot Memorial Park has events and festivals all year round and if you are looking for a clean and well-managed park in the city of Chicopee, this could be the place for you. It continues to function as the place for community events, festivals and hot spot for families who makes use of the parks facilities like baseball and basketball area; many frequents the park for a day of picnicking too. The park also features a pond, two World War II tanks, a couple of war monuments and an interesting fountain. However, when it comes to hiking, swimming, jogging and biking, the locals get their fill at Chicopee Memorial State Park which measures up to 575 acres in total. It features hiking and biking trails, picnicking spots, and a large area dedicated to swimming and fishing. Managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, this park overlooks the Westover Joint Air Reserve Base. Measuring up to 1,100 foot long, the Chicopee Canal Walk is a pedestrian walkway connecting Cabotville and Chicopee Falls. It has a mini park that young kids might love. For adventure lovers, take an hour’s drive out of Chicopee and head to Crab Apple Whitewater in Charlemont for a guided whitewater rafting adventure down the dam-controlled Deerfield River. Classes can be customized to match each person’s skill and experience.
  • Zoos & Aquariums — Chicopee locals are blessed to be located merely a stone’s throw away from Ludlow’s Lupa Zoo located on Nash Hill Road. Lupa Zoo is a non-profit organization that provides local communities with exhibits and activities that are both entertaining and educational at the same time. This attraction is perfect for family weekend outings, birthday parties, school field trips and church outings.
  • Other Points of Interest — If you have the time for it, be sure to bring your group to the Cabotville Historic Sycamore Trees. Word has it that the trees have been around since the city’s inception in 1848. In 1999, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts designated them as Heritage Trees. It will be fun to take a few photos with these iconic trees.

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