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Although to many, Elmira was home to one of the country’s most artistic and world-renowned writers, Mark Twain, there is really more to Elmira than being a place which was formerly populated by indigenous people. These parts of the city’s history is what makes Elmira such a culturally intriguing place to visit. Many notable figures were born and raised in this quaint, friendly city and they include the likes of Jacob Sloat Fassett, Charles Tomlinson Griffes, Bud Heine, Matt Knowles, Stan Drulia and Thomas S. Flood.

Elmira, New York, has experienced much growth over the years - now, it is possible to find the best restaurants, shopping malls, unique shops, entertainment outlets, parks and cultural centers in downtown city center. Places like Eldridge Park, The Christmas House and Haunted Empire at Bradley Farms doubles up as entertainment centers as well as a historical landmarks. Visitors can also bring their rented charter buses to Arnot Art Museum to check out the art exhibits or spend a day at Tanglewood Nature Center learning about nature, hiking, having a picnic or relaxing while enjoying its amazing scenery.

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Searching for Good Attractions, Landmarks and Historical Spots in Elmira?

There are so many new and unique things to do and experience in Elmira that we think a few days is not enough to completely get your fill of the city. However, if time is of essence, be sure to check out some of these not-to-be-missed points of interest in the city.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Eldridge Park may not be the biggest amusement center in New York but it sure proves itself as a favorite with families with young kids and parents looking for fun, entertaining but budget-friendly locations to bring their kids during weekends. This amusement park is also a historical landmark for the city because it has sustained itself for decades. Kids who grew up in Elmira but have moved out of the city will certainly have memories of themselves playing ain the park when they were children. It is also where visitors can get the respite that they are looking for when they are tired from touring around the city.
  • Art & Cultural — One can easily spend hours exploring and learning up about the history of gliding and sailplanes in Elmira’s National Soaring Museum on Soaring Drive. The attraction features a world-class collection of motor-less flight exhibits. Preserving the city’s unique history, it lets guests witness, first hand and up close and personal, takeoffs and landings. The museum gets busier during summer months when kids plan group visits, school field trips and church outings. The great thing about this museum is that it offers free glider rides but it comes on a first come first serve basis, which means the later you come, the harder it would be for you to get a turn. The museum is located right next to Harris Hill which offers many exciting recreational activities and amenities. Arnot Art Museum is at Lake Street and is a real treat for art lovers. It is the original home of famous local artist, Matthias Arnot, and in here, guests will find a huge collection of paintings that he bought from Europe when he was alive. This landmark is located in close proximity to other attractions like Chamber of Commerce and Clemens Center. To learn even more about the life and work of Mark Twain, bring the charter bus to Chemung Valley History Museum on E. Water Street where you will get to view his original furniture, from his typewriter right down to his workstation. It is also a very fun venue for school field trips.
  • Restaurant & Shopping — Many of our charter bus rental customers who have been to The Christmas House in downtown Elmira New York would agree that shopping at the aforementioned attraction is special, unique and also unforgettable. Here, you will find that everyday Christmas and shopping at these Queen Anne Victorian Shop will bring visitors back in time. They organize all-year-round fun activities for their customers to participate in and they are often surprised with fantastic bargains and unique items to bring home with them as souvenirs.  The former owners of the home, Elaine and Tony DiBiase bought the Queen Anne Victorian home in 1983, intending to open just a Christmas Shop that year but in 1993, the store was bought over by another couple, Julie and Mark Delgrosso, who continues to run the store today. The store has won many awards and is one of the most photographed buildings in this region.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – Looking for something adventurous to do while touring Elmira in a group? Bring the charter bus to Harris Hill Soaring Center for the time of your life! This is the take-off and landing site for gliders and is extremely popular with teenagers and young adults who are looking for a unique adventure not too far off from the city. There are also small playing areas for younger children, picnic spots, driving range, go carts, softball and baseball batting cages for those who do not wish to take to the skies.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — If you are a fan of Mark Twain, do not miss the chance to organize a group trip out to Woodlawn Cemetery of Elmira at Walnut Street. It offers visitors a very serene and calming spot to explore the final resting place of Mark Twain who was buried here with his family members. The Twain family takes up a plot of land, as well as other prominent public figures like Ernie Davis and Hal Roach. The attraction also houses a small historical college museum and campus, so be sure to venture there during your visit. The cemetery and surrounding site is run entirely by Friends of Woodlawn Cemetery of Elmira which was formed in 2006 by a group of civic-minded individuals who met up at The Park Church. Unsurprisingly, this historical attraction is also listed at both The National Register of Historic Places and The Freedom Trail of the National Park Service Underground Railroad Network. While the name of the attraction may sound similar, the Woodlawn National Cemetery is a different one, as it is where you can find the gravesite for more than 3,000 confederate soldiers. Visit this serene cemetery to pay homage to some of the bravest men who lived to protect the lives of their countrymen. After visiting these unique attractions, we think fans of Mark Twain will also love to visit another site which is Mark Twain’s summer home. This is where visitors will find his original studio which was moved from Quarry Farms upon his death. Come admire the small but historical building. It is moving to know that this was where some of Twain’s most popular works was done, and to be spending time in the very same spot during your visit.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum on Coleman Avenue is where visitors will find miles upon miles of scenic trails, hiking areas, Finger Lake and winter recreational facilities. With 9 miles worth of hiking trails, this will be a haven for outdoor lovers ; for others, they will get to explore a 12,000 square foot museum with more than 40 species of animals living in them. Rain or shine, the trails are open to the public all year round. Check the museum’s schedule before heading over. Newton Battlefield State Park offer visitors and residents with spacious camping grounds all year round. It is also a famous historical site where The Continental Army were engaged in battle with the British army during the American Revolution. A stone monument was erected in 1879 to commemorate the event. There are park facilities, rustic lodge and preservation center within the facility.
  • Other Points of Interest — Looking for a thrilling experience in Elmira? Why not organize a group trip to the Haunted Empire at Bradley Farms.  The farm is open all year round for interested individuals and groups and it continues to be the region’s top-ranked ‘haunted’ locations. Not for the fainthearted, visitors are invited to a self guided walk through the home, cornfield, Trail of Terror (which is said to be haunted) and also to enjoy some shops, food, drinks and games. There is plenty to do for everyone.

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