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A Florence Charter Bus To Take You Around from Museums to Art Galleries

After been named after the capital of Tuscany by Ferdinand Sannoner, Florence of Alabama was incorporated. There is always something for everyone to do in Florence, as much of a surprise it will be for some visitors who believe that Florence is a much bigger sleepy town than it actually is.

Florence is the birthplace and home to many musicians including Father of the Blues, W.C. Handy, Sam Phillips who is a well known producer (he discovered Elvis Presley) and T.S. Stribling. In the meantime, Florence was also where Tom York was born and worked for 32 years on his self-named Tom York Morning Show, one of the country’s longest running talk shows. He earned an Emmy for his hard work by National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 1995. When visiting Florence, don’t forget to make a stop at McFarland Park, the city’s crown jewel and then catch a show by Shoals Symphony which is the orchestra formed by University of North Alabama. Florence is a haven for shopaholics, featuring the peaceful Rogersville and culturally-vibrant English Village.

The city offers up a huge variety of options as far as venues and locations for birthday celebrations, restaurants for a romantic dinner, nightspots for bachelor or bachelorette parties, conference rooms and exhibition halls for corporate events. US Coachways works closely with event organizers, wedding planners, individuals, schools, colleges, churches, small and large organizations, non-profit and government bodies in the state of Alabama and have the experience to bring you the perfect charter bus for just about any event.

There is More Than Meets The Eye in Florence, AL

Hidden waterfronts, fishing at the pier, dancing through the night in a local club house or hiking through a tranquil hiking trail, there is so much more to Florence Alabama than shopping, dining and historical sites. Here we have outlined some points of interest in Florence that we think you might want to check out. 


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — If there is a recreational area that the locals are really proud of, it would be McFarland Park, the city’s crown jewels. It is also one of the oldest in the country, serving the residents for over countless years. The park features camping sites, walking trails, a floating restaurant, waterfront, beach, golf driving range, soccer field, playground, boat ramps, pier for fishing, small baseball field and more. Be sure to check out two important festivals held at the park which are Trail of Tears motorcycle ride and a fishing tournament.

  • Arts & Cultural — Shoals Symphony at University of North Alabama have grown over the years from being simply a group of musicians who wanted to play music together into a semi-professional regional orchestra today. The standards have been raised and they are now recognized by Alabama State Council of the Arts. Come catch one of their shows and be completely mesmerized. Things at Kennedy-Douglass Center for The Arts is never the same. The ever-changing exhibits in the combined-historic homes are big contributors to the growth of Florence’s art scene. Other prominent art galleries in Florence are M.C.’s Hallelujah Hands, University of North Alabama Art Gallery and Stained Glass Artistry.

  • Restaurants & Shopping — There are a few must-sees in Florence whenever shopping comes to mind. One of them would be downtown Rogersville. Instead of giving off a too-busy-to-shop atmosphere, this corner of the city is tranquil and lets visitors spend a few peaceful hours looking through shops, sample some Southern cuisine, browse easily through artwork from local artists and explore historic trails with their family and friends. English Village, on the other hand, has a very hip, European feel to it and is the perfect place for gifts, clothes, cafes, English art and you might even want to catch an hour or two of yoga along the way!

  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues — Without a smidgen of doubt, whenever golfers travel, they will always be on a lookout for the city’s best golf courses and for Florence, AL, it would have to be Blackberry Trail Golf Course located on Clubhouse Drive. Come test out your golfing skills as you maneuver your way around challenging water hazards and sand traps. A bonus - view of beautiful swans as they make their way lazily in the lakes.

  • Historic Sites & Landmarks — If you are in Florence Alabama, be sure to make a stop at Frank Lloyd Wright’s house, also known simply as Rosenbaum house. The house was designed by Lloyd Wright for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum. Today, the house is one of 26 remaining pre-WWII Usonion houses the world. You do not have to be an expert in architecture to appreciate the history and beauty of this home. Other worthwhile historical landmarks includes the W.C. Handy Birthplace, Museum and Library and Pope’s Tavern.  W.C. Handy was the talented musician and composer of ‘Beale Street Blues’ and ‘St. Louis Blues’. His house is now a museum with one of the world’s most complete resource center for African American History.  The city have turned his birthday, November 16, into a day of celebration and W.C. Handy Jazz Festival is held annually. Visit Pope’s Tavern which was used as a hospital, stagecoach stop and inn during the country’s Civil War.

  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  At Hermitage Drive, Florence, Deibert Park is a magnet to tourists and residents who loves the outdoors and recreational activities. Donated to the city by Dr. Kirk R. And Lillian Cook-Deibert in 1952, today, people throng to the park to enjoy the wonderful weather, walk around the trail, have picnics with their families. If you have little kids with you, bring them to the Children’s Museum of the Shoals located conveniently at the entrance of the park, you can’t miss it.

  • Zoos & Aquariums — While there isn’t an official zoo in Florence to call its own, what it does have is Lion mascot and habitat in the middle of University of North Alabama’s campus. The university is now raring its third generation of lion mascots, the original Leo was brought in in 1974 and died in 1988. Leo II took over the same year and died at 11 years of age. Leo II was named the ‘second best mascot’ by popular websites and magazines. A new pair of lions were brought in and they now live comfortably in a huge 12,800 square feet habitat known as the George H. Carroll Lion Habitat.

  • Other Sites of Interest - University of North Alabama is truly one of its kind. Hesitant to believe that a University campus is at all an ‘attraction’ on its own? Visitors are often surprised with the beauty of the campus and young children will fall in love with their University’s mascots (if they are around).

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