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There are very good reasons why people from neighboring cities and neighborhoods would come to Framingham MA when they think about holidays, vacations and weekend getaways – it placed number 36 as ‘the best places to live in in the US’ and this title was given by CNN Money in the year 2012. The city was previously known as ‘Framlingham’ but later one, during the city’s official incorporation, the letter ‘L’ was dropped from the name. The city of Framingham has 3 main business districts which are, collectively known as The Golden Triangle, and they are Downtown, South Framingham and West Framingham. Hitting any of these areas would essentially mean easy access to transportation, restaurants, cafes, malls, retail outlets and small tourist attractions.

Framingham locals are blessed with the vast number of parks in the city and they include Bowditch Field, Butterworth Park, Winch Park, Framingham Common and Cushing Park, just to name a few. Visitors who will be in town to check out the city of Framingham can get around these parks easily in a rented charter bus, coach charter, mini bus or school field trips. Or you could organize a night out at Framingham Community Theater for a special night out, check out some art at the very unique Danforth Museum of Art or plan a weekend getaway at New England Wild Flower Society Garden in the Woods.

US Coachways provides bus rental reservation services in most major cities in the United States and we have a huge variety of small, large to exotic vehicles in our fleet. It could be an outing around Massachusetts’ Framingham, Boston, Cape Cod, Lexington, Lowell, Fall River or Concord. In fact, we cater to state-to-state promotional tours and expeditions too.

Quaint Museums, Culturally-rich Theaters and Spacious Parks Galore

Framingham may be smaller than more popular MA cities but it certainly has a lot more hidden gems than one would have guessed. Have a look at some of Framingham’s most popular points of interest and decide for yourself.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Local entertainment with a very down-to-earn flavor can be found at Framingham Community Theater which is run by a close-knit community of enthusiastic, theater and fun-loving people from MetroWest community. It is also the premise for The Performing Arts Center to put up local, high quality entertainment. The actors and actresses also actively join partnerships and perform for Mystery Dinner Theater.
  • Art & Cultural — The exhibits are unique and special but there is more to Amazing Things Arts Center than meets the eye. Visitors are given the chance to catch a show at the small but intimate stage which seats approximately only a hundred people. So, if you wish to catch one of the performances, be sure to book in advance. Outside, visitors are treated to refreshments, beer and a short wine list. Danforth Museum of Art may not be the biggest museum in Massachusetts but if you are interested in exploring unique art exhibits you don’t find anywhere else, this is the place to be. It is located at 123, Union Avenue, exhibits include the likes of Once upon a pop-up, Creativity Community, Facial Expressions and Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller and John Wilson, Native American Art, Pueblo Katsino Dolls. The atmosphere is tranquil and calming, you can easily spend a few hours exploring and pondering over the current, on-going and changing exhibits. Other interesting arts and culture attractions are Framingham History Center, Danforth Museum, and Metrowest Youth Symphony Orchestra.
  • Restaurants & Shopping — Jack’s Abby Brewing is located on Morton Street and contrary to what the name might suggest, it is more than just a small brewery. It was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurial brothers, Jack, Eric and Sam, all the brews use ingredients from Hendler farm which produces many of the community’s fresh, local ingredients. Brews introduced by the brewery include Bride Maker, Hopstitution #3, Leisure Time, Cranberry Berliner, Cocoa-Nut Barrel-Aged Framinghammer, Vanilla Barrel-Aged Framinghammer. Come sample them during scheduled tasting and tours. Looking for a unique shopping experience in Framingham MA? Then head on over to Bazaar West at Worchester Road for everything Russian! There is a huge selection of Russian delicacies which includes pastries, caviars, authentic Russian dishes cooked by skillful staff at the market and in restaurants. The atmosphere is very fun and will make visitors feel like visiting a small Russian city at the heart of quaint Framingham MA. When looking for a place to have dinner and a good time, there is always The Tavern Framingham for their veggie wrap and drinks, The 4s Sports Pub, and Route 9 Wine and Spirits for huge selection of drinks.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Relaxing, comforting and educational at the same time, this is how guests describe their visit to New England Wild Flower Society Garden in the Woods. It is located on Hemenway Road, about half an hour drive by charter bus from Boston and 15 minutes from Framingham’s downtown center. There are various themed and organized tours for the garden in the woods but it is perfectly fine to explore the attraction on your own. It features a tranquil garden, natural habitats for local species, interesting crafts at the gift shop which are made from recycled materials, great selection of gardening guidebooks and museum. Eastlegh Farms on Edmands Road is truly a Framingham MA hidden gem – a fantastic place to spend a weekend day-out with your family. Here, you will get to watch the ins-and-outs of a barn, farm, watch cows being milked and simply relax away from the city. Located slightly north of Framingham’s city center is Callahan State Park on Millwood Street and is merely a 10 minute drive away. Parking is often a bit of a bother but if you are organizing a group trip to the park and is using a charter bus as transportation, this would not be a problem you have to deal with. It is a great place to get out into the woods, check out local flora and fauna, and a chance for some outdoor activities with your loved ones. There are two other reservations lands in Framingham and they are The Wittenborg Woods and Morency Woods, both of which are incredibly educational and a calming respite from city life.
  • Other Points of Interest — British Beer Company Framingham is strategically-located along Worchester Road and offers a whole menu full of distinctive brews, great food, broad selection of craft and International brews in a classic English pub-style venue. Entertainment comes in the form of rock, jazz, blues, country, reggae and if you wish to, visitors are invited to take over the stage during the karaoke night session. Check the website for scheduled entertainment and events before popping by.

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