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Finding Out the Many Charming Sides to Quaint Greenbelt MD

Greenbelt MD started off as ‘Old Greenbelt’ and was already part of the Greenbelt Historic District right from the beginning. Later on, it slowly transformed into a public cooperative community under the New Deal Era together with Wisconsin’s Greendale and Ohio’s Greenhills. With its close proximity to the country’s capital, the community was set to provide affordable housing options for federal government workers under the United States Resettlement Administration. Eleanor Roosevelt had a huge hand in helping developers construct the towns because of her experience with another community, Arthurdale. The city was also featured in popular documentary named ‘The City’.

What may have started out as a ‘green’ and ‘self-sufficient’ community offering residents affordable housing options has now turned the city into a big attraction too. With many natural attractions like parks and museums depicting the growth of the city and community, visitors will get an insight about the improvements made to the city over time and appreciate the uniqueness of Maryland’s Greenbelt for what it is.

Visitors will get the chance to explore unique places like NASA Visitor Center, enjoy the great outdoors at Buddy Attick Park, get adventurous at Patuxent Research Refuge or go camping at the historical The Greenbelt National Park.

Guests who have planned trips to neighboring Washington D.C. often make stops at Greenbelt for its attractions and unique shopping experiences and if you are planning a similar trip, we strongly recommend using one of US Coachways’ charter bus, party bus, mini bus, school bus, passenger coach, bus charter or other ground transportation for your event, be it a wedding reception, business meeting, church group gathering, promotional tour, exhibition, corporate function, etc.

Greenbelt’s Attractions and Points of Interest in a Glance

Are you looking up places to check out or points of interest in Greenbelt that can help you understand the city a little better? Are you ready to give yourself a head start before your trip to this amazingly unique city? Here are some attractions and important landmarks to check out.


  • Restaurants & Shopping — Beltway Plaza Mall is located at the heart of Greenbelt’s city center and features a host of retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and this is where you go when you need everyday supplies and groceries.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Trying to find a place to bring young, curious children in Greenbelt MD? Get the charter bus driver to drive your group to Code 130 and make a short pit stop at NASA Visitor Center. This attraction is a science museum with some hands-on activities and educational exhibits for visitors to explore but most would contend that the best part of it is its extensive and unique gift shop. Don’t be fooled with the exterior of the building and its surrounding, there are some real gems in the form of gifts and souvenirs you can proudly bring home with you. There is a lot history behind Greenbelt as a city and if you are interested in its history and why Lady Eleanor Roosevelt played such a big role in the city’s design, construction and earlier development as part of the New Deal Plan under FDR, find out all about it at Greenbelt Museum at 10B Crescent Road. Being a small museum has its advantages - personal one-on-one attention is given to visitors and there is much to be said about the absence of big crowds and tourist groups which makes the visit peaceful, calming and relaxing.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  When you are tired out from all the touring and attraction-exploring, come to Buddy Attick Park at Crescent Road for a quick respite from all the busy-ness and city buzz. Simple, to-the-point and featuring a nice trail loop, the park is a favorite with locals who are into walking, jogging and pet owners who are looking for a place to exercise their pets. Little kids will also get to expend their energy at the park’s small but well-maintained playground while the grownups can find their picnic spot and BBQ feast with family and friends. The really great thing about visiting the park is its view of the lake and visitors have made passing comparisons to Mayberry. The Greenbelt National Park on Greenbelt Road is not just popular with local residents, because of its 12-minute-drive proximity from Washington D.C., it is an attractive choice for campers and outdoor enthusiasts because visitors can expect more than 170 camp sites throughout the park, nearly 10 different trails to hike on and 3 relatively large picnic sites. The great thing about it is open all-year-round, safe and affordable.
  • Zoos & Aquariums — Patuxent Research Refuge has grown from being merely 2,670 acres to its present 12, 840 acres that covers a dense area protecting the nation’s wildlife and their habitat. Visitors can learn about techniques used and methods employed to keep these terrains, between Washington D.C. and Baltimore MD, untouched. The refuge is divided into North Tract, Central Tract and South Tract; if you wish to find trails and the National Wildlife Visitors Center, head to the South Tract. For fishing, hunting, wildlife observation, trails and other programs organized by the center, this can be done in the refuge’s North Tract.
  • Other Points of Interest — Compared to Greenbelt’s NASA Visitors Center, tourists can expect more exhibits at Goddard Space Flight Center on Greenbelt Road. It provides guests with a wide ranging number of interesting and inspiring educational exhibits and is suitable for all ages. Organize a school field trip or group outing and check out their innovative activities featuring earth science, astrophysics, planetary science, heliophysics, engineering, technology and much, much more. Don’t be intimidated by the complicated terms and names as exhibits like a Gemini capsule model is made to help children learn through active participation. Being close to the country’s capital, the center effectively attracts foreign tourists and visitors from neighboring cities too, so, expect a small crowd during holidays and summer months.

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