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Located in between Baltimore, Maryland and the country’s capital, Washington D.C along Patuxent River, Laurel was nothing more than just a mill town that merely had a strategic location in the 19th century. Back then, it was a stopover town for those who were traveling and working either in Baltimore or Washington D.C.

However, once the Department of Defense set up a prominent presence in the city, things changed up, Laurel became home to Fort Meade Army, National Security Agency and also Applied Physics Laboratory. Largely a suburban area in Maryland, there is many recreational areas and historical sites for visitors to explore when visiting Laurel Maryland.

Visitors can catch local talents in action at Venues Theater, do some shopping and people-watching at the historical Savage Mill, learn the city’s history at Fort George G. Meade Museum, Montpelier Mansion or have some family fun in the sun at Laurel Park.

Apart from popular tourist attractions, many of these attractions are also great event venues suitable for group gatherings, group tours, family vacations, weekend getaways, wedding reception venue, or places for corporate functions and meetings. Event organizers who are also looking for ground transportation are invited to check out the wide range of vehicles like charter bus, party bus, mini bus, school bus, coach charter, sleeper coach, passenger bus, and other luxurious and comfortable ground transportation in US Coachways’ fleet of vehicles.

Getting around Tourist Attractions Affordably in Maryland’s Laurel

Laurel may have started off as a mid-point pit spot between Baltimore and Washington D.C., today, it has grown to feature some really unique and exciting points of interest. They are worth exploring so, read on about what they are below.


  • Art & Cultural — Unsurprisingly, as the communities grow as a city, demands for art and cultural options grows along with it. Visitors can immerse themselves in local works of arts at locations like Venues Theater, the largest production company in Maryland, which focuses on classical adaptations, Laurel Mill Playhouse that nurtures local talents through creative activities and plays and Central Maryland Chorale which was formerly known as Laurel Oratorio Society. Art lovers may want to spend some time learning all about the gorgeous exhibits featured at both Montpelier Arts Center and WSSC Art Gallery too when visiting Laurel Maryland.
  • Restaurants & Shopping — Combine history with shopping and dining, one place would naturally come to mind and that would be the historical 175,000 square feet Savage Mill. Decades ago, because of its proximity to Patuxent River (water from the river powered the mill’s machines), the site was popular for its textile business. Without changing its historically-significant name, today, the site houses some of the city’s best antique centers, stores selling furniture and also showrooms for craft galleries, artist studios and other local specialty shops, restaurants and event venues. Another shopping venue in Laurel would come in the form of Laurel Shopping Center which is an open air shopping mall featuring a whole directory of clothing stores, restaurants, eateries, bakeries, cafes, specialty stores and small kid play area and more.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — History lovers ought to find some time to explore Laurel’s historical Fort George G. Meade Museum which houses the fort’s artifacts like uniforms, insignia, equipment, vehicles like an FT-17 and M3A1 Stuart, amongst other things like armored personnel carriers like M113, M114 and M84. There is also a helicopter available for viewing. This attraction is an installation of the United States’ Defense Information School, Defense Media Activity, Army Field Band and also the country’s Cyber Command HQ. Visitors are encouraged to get the charter bus to visit Montpelier Mansion on Muirkirk Road for an enriching cultural experience. Evidence suggests that the mansion and its beautiful gardens were first built between 1781 and 1785 by its original owners, Major Thomas Snowden and his wife, Anne. Today, it has been turned into a nearly 70 acres worth of gorgeous parkland and included as a National Historic Landmark. This attraction doubles up as a tourist attraction as well as an event venue. Look up their website to find out if there is going to be an event or festival at the mansion before heading over. Another historical site to explore is Laurel Museum, a site which was a mill workers’ home back in the 1840s. Today, it is a modern-day 2,590 square-foot tourist attraction run by Laurel Historical Society with exhibits showcasing the history of Laurel, the city’s growth, rich culture and its citizens. The museum’s library, named after John Calder Brennan, houses an extensive list of research material. Snow Hill, a Georgian-style former home of Samuel Snowden, underwent major transformations over decades but today, it is run by Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission and is available as an event venue.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Laurel Park (it was formerly known as Laurel Race Course) isn’t like any other conventional parks in Maryland…and that is because it is a thoroughbred racetrack located just right outside of Laurel’s outskirts and a short drive from Baltimore. You don’t have to love racing or gambling to love the park, visitors are given the chance to explore the location, get to meet the thoroughbreds in their paddocks, have a great meal with their families in a peaceful environment and when there is an event, visitors can join in on the excitement. The park was initiated in 1911 and features 1 1/8 miles of race track. On Patuxent River lies Rocky Gorge Reservoir which is visible from as far as Interstate 95. This attraction is sometimes known as T. Howard Duckett Reservior and offers recreational activities like picnic grounds, fishing, boating, hunting and horseback riding. There are trails for visitors to hike, climb, jog and bike on too.
  • Zoos & Aquariums — Although it wouldn’t be the same was bringing the kids to a real zoo, still…there is so much to explore at Laurel’s Dinosaur Park that it would be a waste not to spend a family day out at this attraction when visiting Laurel MD. Located at Mid-Atlantic Boulevard, it is the site where a surprising number of Cretaceous era dinosaur fossils were uncovered decades ago. The park preserves these rare deposits predicted to have been there the past 115 million years ago, kids will get to learn about how some of our country’s scientists are making use of these found fossils to reconstruct the region’s history. The site also yielded fossil findings from Astrodon and rare Priconodon dinosaurs.

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