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Long Beach of New York was initially thought to be founded by a Brooklyn builder, Austin Corbin, and he was the first person to consider developing this quaint island as a resort and tourist attraction. There were early attempts to connect the island to the mainland in order to make it more accessible but it wasn’t until the 1950s when cheap air travel became more popular that Long Beach’s small bedroom community started attracting visitors, especially during summer months. Even back then, the boardwalk and the small amusement center was popular with local residents and youngsters.

The city pulled out a quick and effective urban renewal plan and the bedroom community who worked in downtown New York (but lived in Long Beach) became a popular summer getaway for New Yorkers. There is a reasonable number of colleges, clubs, bars, bungalows, bathhouses, parks and amusement centers for people of all ages now in Long Beach, thanks to the plan and rebuilding of its boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy.

Families in all parts of New York can now bring their kids to popular attractions all around Long Beach like Georgia Avenue Splash Park, Earth Arts of Long Beach, enjoy surfing lessons from Surf 2 Live Surf Retreat or visit historical landmarks like Granada Towers, House at 226 on West Penn Street, Pauline Felix House and Samuel Vaisberg House.

Take your pick from the many event venues located all around Long Beach for wedding receptions, birthday parties, night outs, bar crawls, anniversaries, corporate functions, business meetings, group tours, promotional events or other small and large events and festivals. Give US Coachways a call to find out more about the charter buses, coach charter, mini bus, school bus, party bus, sleeper coach that are available.

Plan your Long Beach Trip Ahead of Time With these Travel Tips

Don’t know which are the best attractions and points of interest in Long Beach, New York? Read on to find out in detail about some of the city’s best attractions, parks, recreational centers, amusement parks and more below.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Located in a trendy neighborhood is one of the city’s most popular family-friendly park which is Georgia Avenue Splash Park. On summer weekends, there will be staff manning the recreational facilities and to provide kids and parents with water play, art activities, fun games involving balls, ropes and all kinds of fun recreational activities that kids can do together with their parents and each other. No registration is required; everyone is just ready to have a splashing good time together.
  • Art & Cultural — Art lovers looking for a place to hold a group event should look up Earth Arts of Long Beach which is located along West Park Avenue. The venue is a great for gatherings of all types including birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries, school trips, bridal showers, unique bachelor or bachelorette parties and corporate functions. The organizers will help guests organize the food, drinks and activities from the beginning to the end.
  • Restaurant & Shopping — Visitors can have their fair share of shopping experience when they visit Ocean View Avenue where they will find a 2.2 mile long boardwalk with many quaint retail outlets, malls, restaurants, night spots and cafes to enjoy themselves at. There are also unique gifts and souvenirs to make a grab for at Blue Bungalow at West Park Avenue, Long Beach Craft and Variety which is located a stone’s throw away and Walgreens Store at Long Beach Boulevard.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – There are endless number of beaches to explore and enjoy in Long Beach, New York and one of the best places would be Surf 2 Live Surf Retreat where surf lessons, surf camp, qualitied instructors and professional surf coach available. These personalized surf camps and lessons from qualified experts are suitable for beginners to professional surfers. Join them to expand your knowledge and enhance your surfing skills during your spare time in Long Beach. Surfing is not the only thing to look forward to during your visit to Long Beach. Visitors can have some fun challenging each other to a game of tennis at The Long Beach Tennis Center which is a premier indoor facility - which means the game is not dependent on the weather. The tennis center has a team of trained professionals who can give guests lessons and crash courses if you want to hone your game and techniques. If the summer weather is getting to you, bring the rented charter bus to Long Beach Ice Arena which is home to New York Applecore, Long Beach High School’s hockey club and New York Rangers.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — Long Beach is a city with its fair share of historical landmarks and buildings and visitors are encouraged to check out sites like Granada Towers, House at 226 on West Penn Street, Pauline Felix House, Samuel Vaisberg House and the United States Post Office in downtown Long Beach. Granada Towers is an apartment building built in 1929 in Nassau County which features Spanish Revival style architecture; it has 3 towers which are 7 stories tall. The House at 226 West Penn Street is also known as Long Beach Historical Museum built by an American craftsman with a unique wraparound porch and 8 thick columns while Pauline Felix House is a Italian Renaissance style historical home built in 1909.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  When it comes to beaches, one of the best places in Long Beach is Lido Beach. This nice and clean beach is a short drive away from most New York cities including Brooklyn and is a peaceful and quiet respite. The best time to come during the day, regardless of whether it is a weekend of week day, is early in the morning because this would be your chance to book a better spot for your family and friends. There are bigger crowds during summer, naturally, but it is still a very enjoyable place to hang out with your loved ones. If you take a short drive west of this beach, another great spot is family-friendly beach of Lido West beach. It is also a better attraction for surfers. Not a beach lover but looking for something fun to do outdoors? You can organize group trips to popular Long Beach locations like Clark Street Park, Lindell Park, Magnolia playground, Ocean Beach park, Skate Park and West End Georgia’s Avenue Splash Park for the kids to play around with their loved ones.

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