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Bronx Zoo (Manhattan NY)

Talk about wild life and the kids will go absolutely ape.pun intended. The Bronx Zoo is, unbeknownst to indifferent me, a zoo that won many accolades and awards in the past. In fact, before renting a Manhattan NY charter bus for a trip there just for the fun of it, I didn't even know it existed. Anyway, I read somewhere in their website that the Bronx Zoo is one of the most renowned ones around the region with more than six thousand animals for the kids to go wild over.

Talk about kids.there are many of them.some foreigners were gawking at the awesome exhibits, mainly because they've never seen some of the animals we have here. Regardless, it's really fun to visit this amazing place after a long day of going around Manhattan NY in a rental charter bus, shopping and eating. I felt like the Bronx Zoo brought me back to earth. They've got indoor and outdoor exhibits and then there are the rides.I mean, I have to admit that even I had a little bit of fun here!

The popular rides in this Manhattan NY attraction are the Zucker Bug Carousel and the Zoo Shuttle. They also have Camel rides and Wild Asia Monorail which were too kiddy for me, so I did not try those. You could if you want to, though. :-) If you asked me which one of all the many exhibits at this Manhattan NY attraction that I visited is the best, I would have to toss a coin for either the Congo Gorilla Forest, African Wild Dogs or Tiger Mountain.

There's something about the gorillas that truly scared me - they have this ability to make me totally go berserk when they stare at me. Some kids were braver than me, from the looks of it but as far as my experience at this Manhattan NY zoo is concerned, it was FABULOUS! The gorillas looked almost too tame (or lazy) to be true! And while I am not particular fond of dogs and cats, I found the African Wild Dog exhibit and the Tiger Mountain zoo exhibit in this Manhattan attraction absolutely enchanting.

Being home to thousands of wild life, there's no wonder why it's one of the most loved Manhattan NY tourist attractions and tourists are practically pouring out their rental charter buses and clawing their way in during the weekends. It's a lovely sight to see and I completely welcome them to our beautiful country - but it can make local rental charter bus visitors like you and me, kind of difficult.

But since you're going in a Manhattan NY rented charter bus, what do you care, right? :-)

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Things to Do When You Hire a Charter Bus in Manhattan, New York

When you take a charter bus in Manhattan, New York, the entire city is yours to explore. And, considering there is so much to do in New York City from shopping to eating, sightseeing to the theatre, you and your entire family will find innumerable activities to engage in. Some of the more popular and most famous sites include Central Park, Times Square, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry, and Chinatown just to name a few.

When you board your charter bus in Manhattan, New York, head out to Central Park on a sunny afternoon to walk, run, or simply enjoy the manicured lawns in the park. If it is a beautiful day in the summer you might enjoy renting a boat to take out on the lake. However, if it is winter you will prefer to bundle up and head out to the ice rink to enjoy a bit of skating. Whatever you want to do, Central Park is certainly a good place to start off your tour of the city and always welcoming for return visits.

Times Square is another famous venue in New York City and known to many simply because of New Year’s Even and watching the ball drop. However, Times Square has more to offer in the way of shows, shopping, and great restaurants. You will not want to miss exploring Times Square during your visit to New York City. Not too far from Times Square is The Empire State Building. Take the elevator to the Empire State Building’s Conservatory for unprecedented views of the city. You will be able to see the blocks, building, cars, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city from the best vantage point in the city.

Also, you might board your charter bus in Manhattan, New York, one afternoon and head out to Brooklyn Bridge. Here you can enjoy walking across the bridge, great views of the city, and wonderful ice cream. This is a great afternoon activity and one the entire family will enjoy. Also, there are some really great views of New York City from here so it is worth taking your camera when you head out to the Brooklyn Bridge. Afterwards, take the Staten Island Ferry, which is about an hour and is free, to experience the city from afar. You will enjoy the nice breeze and the beautiful view. It is a great experience for everyone in your party and is a relaxing end to your day. When you are full of energy again, take the family to Chinatown and Little Italy.

In Chinatown, you will be experience Canal Street which is full of knock off name brand products from Rolex watches to Fendi purses. It is a street everyone should walk down when visiting New York City. If you still have time on your trip to explore, board your charter bus in Manhattan, New York, and head out to the Bronx Zoo or to Queens Beer Garden.

There are so many things to do in and around New York City that you will always have something new and exciting to do. Do some research before you board your charter bus in Manhattan, New York, in order to find out what activities you are most interested in and then make a list. Then you will be able to head from place to place without arguing over where to go or what to do next. It is the best plan of action, and when you board your charter bus in Manhattan, New York, you will have many exciting experiences waiting for you.

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