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Nashville Charter Bus

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Nashville, Tennessee?

Nashville Charter Bus

You are in for the time of your life on this charter bus excursion to the great city of Nashville. This is the country music capital of the world!

Mississippian culture Indians settled the area now known as Nashville, grew corn as their primary crop. These Indians are also known to have built earthen mounds and have been recognized as having created beautiful pottery. Although the Mississippian culture Indians appeared to have left the area at some point around 1400 A.D., Cherokee, Chickasaw and Shawnee Indians eventually moved into the area and used it as hunting grounds. Arrowheads are still found to this day throughout Nashville.

French fur traders were the first white men to arrive in the Nashville area, and in 1717 - established a trading post. The first settlement (Fort Nashborough, named in honor of General Francis Nash - Revolutionary War) was made on the banks of the Cumberland River by a group of pioneers led by Englishman James Robertson. The first known permanent settlement was established Christmas Day, 1779. In April 1780, a group of approximately 60 families led by John Donelson arrived to settle the new area - which at the time - remained a part of North Carolina. These settlers lived in small groups and built forts and stations to provide safety from Indians.

This is the home of the Grand Ole Opry. Your charter bus group can't visit Nashville, without seeing this. Check about tickets though. This is where a lot of country stars started out, like Loretta Lynn. The country music fans in your charter bus group will love this stop.

Speaking of Loretta Lynn, you all can visit her ranch as well .Loretta's Plantation Home, Ranch and Western Town are nestled amidst the rolling hills. There is also supposedly a resident ghost or two. Ask the tour group leader about it.

Originally located on Nashville's Music Row, the Hall of Fame and Museum has been the home of America's music since 1967. The colossal new $37 million structure located in the heart of downtown Nashville is a world-class facility that will honor the cultural significance of the music and the heroic achievements of those who form its membership. This is a spectacular place. You and the gang from the charter bus will enjoy seeing this stop; they spared no expense on this one.

Another historic stop for your charter bus group is the Hermitage Home of President Andrew Jackson. The tradition of this man lives on through this city and its people. The historically-costumed interpreters guide you on a lively tour of the restored mansion, recounting the times and tales of Andrew Jackson and his family. As you stroll the Hermitage mansion and grounds, glimpse the life of our nation's President who strode across history's stage and changed the country forever.

There is plenty of shopping for your charter bus group. This is shoppers heaven. From the old, to the new. Downtown Nashville is bustling with shops, antique stores, department stores and more shops. There is lots to taste and eat in this town too. The people here will make sure you and everyone on the charter bus will leave full and satisfied.

It is one knee slappin', get up and dancin' kind of place. You will be glad the charter bus rolled in to Nashville for this excursion with your group.

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