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A City That Brings You So Much Rich Culture, History and Unique Architecture

Schenectady has come a long way since 1661. It was once known as the ‘City that Lights and Hauls the World’, all thanks to Edison Electric Company and American Locomotive Company for making Schenectady their business hub. Till this very day, Edison Electric Company, which is now known as General Electric, retains its administrative headquarters in Schenectady.

Schenectady is a great holiday destinations for history lovers because there are many historic buildings and sites to explore. Small retail outlets, restaurants, breweries and community theaters offer their fair share of entertainment while nightspots can be easily found in the main business district. In the meantime, visit Central Park Rose Garden to get the much-needed R&R during the vacation after a hectic schedule of visiting historical sites. Maple Ski Ridge is also a popular skiing destination for people from other cities in New York.

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Theaters, Musicals, Rose Parks and Mansions to Explore

Be it a historical site or a park, you can find them here in Schenectady. These fun points of interest are located mainly in the city’s main downtown district but there are places like Jay Street and Maple Ski Lodge that are short drives away. Before your trip, learn more about these attractions so as to make the most of your time.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Spend some time with your other half in a meaningful and entertaining way when you make your way to Schenectady’s treasured theater, Schenectady Light Opera Company, or better known as SLOC. It may be a small community theater run by a small organization, it is also known for giving out annual High School Awards to excellent high school musical performers. The theater was incorporated by the Van Corlaer and Draper alumni back in 1926 so, come immerse yourself in its rich history.
  • Arts & Cultural — Along South Church Street, visitors will find a unique building that is home to Schenectady Civic Players, a warm, welcoming and culturally-rich community theater. This is the best place to head to for a relaxing evening out enjoying well-written plays in the form of classical materials, comedy acts, dramatic plays, and if you are lucky, there will be musicals showing during your visit. For out-of-town visitors, it would be a good idea to just pop by and be surprised with what is going on on stage. The shows are almost always good and tickets are priced at an affordable rate.
  • Restaurants & Shopping — You can’t go wrong with dining so long as you are in downtown Schenectady because there are clusters of restaurants and dining options everywhere. If you are looking for both good food and LIVE entertainment, there is always The Van Dyck Restaurant & Lounge with its in-house brewery. Pinhead Susan’s may be called a local Irish ‘tavern’, it offers a menu full of dinner fanfares. There is LIVE entertainment twice a week. What you get from The Moon & River Cafe is a mix of good food, drinks and long history, do check them out during your visit. Itching to get your hands on best buys in Schenectady? Two places comes to mind and they are Rotterdam Square Mall and Mohawk Commons; both are good places for those hunting for branded buys, as well as quaint items that you can bring home as gifts.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues — For a place that is named ‘near the pines’, there are quite a number of outdoor attractions in Schenectady and one of them is Maple Ski Ridge, a good ski ridge providing kids and beginner skiers a chance to learn the sport safely. The ridge is strategically-located merely 20 minutes away from Albany, so, group trips to the ridge is a fantastic idea especially if you are visiting with your family and friends.
  • Historic Sites & Landmarks — On Nott Terrace Heights lies the perfect place to bring young kids and that would be Museum of Innovation and Science. The landmark features countless exhibits that are both educational and fun at the same time, be ready to spend at least 3 hours going through each of them. History buffs looking for insider information about the city will have to make a pit-stop at The Schenectady County Historical Society at Washington Avenue in the Stockade District. Spend a few hours going through the historical house which was initially constructed as the home for Jackson Family. Today, you can learn all about Schenectady’s rich history, Yates Doll House, Glen-Sanders Collection, Erie Canal and much more. The oldest house in Schenectady, in the meantime, happens to be The Mabee House on Rotterdam Junction. There are plenty of school programs and events to choose from all year round. Be sure to bring the charter bus around to check out historical Schenectady City Hall which survived the Great Depression.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities — Although it is a little hard to locate for those who are unfamiliar, Central Park Rose Garden can be found at Iroquois Way in Schenectady. The well-kept garden is a popular place for group gatherings and a picture-perfect  haven to photography enthusiasts.
  • Other Points of Interest — Learn about the country’s oldest planned college which is Union College. It is the country’s largest and oldest liberal arts college founded in 1795. In the 19th Century, Union College was called the ‘Mother of Fraternities’ as it was traditionally and originally intended as an all-boys educational institution. It began admitting girls in the early 70’s. Conveniently located near the main downtown area is Jay Street, a short, vehicle-free street offering a good number of businesses, restaurants and retail outlets, it is one of Schenectady’s most popular tourist attractions.

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