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Selma is a Haven for History Lovers and a Great Place for Fun Field Trips

Back in the 1960s, Selma was known as the Selma to Montgomery Marches as a result of the Selma Voting Rights Movement. Due to the activism centered around this historically-significant city, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed throughout the country. Later on, it became center stage for the Battle of Selma and because of the city’s strong military presence, Selma was surrounded by miles upon miles of fortification that ran in a semicircle around the city during the Civil War.

Later, Selma’s economy rode on its success as a trading and marketing center in the region. With that said, one can expect a lot of historically-significant sites and iconic places related to the city’s history to explore, namely Old Live Oak Cemetery, The Selma to Montgomery Highway (related to the aforementioned march), Old Depot Museum, Museum of Slavery and Civil Rights, Romanesque Revival-style Brown Chapel AME Church and many more.

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Things to do, Places to Explore in the City of Selma, AL

In order to make the most of your time, plan ahead. Here, we have summarized about some of the city’s best tourist attractions, kid-friendly parks and historical points of interest.


  • Art & Culture — Want to see what the local pool of creative talents are up to when you are visiting? Maybe it is time to put on your dancing shoes and book yourself a nice crash course at the Center for Performing arts in Prattville. Many types of dances are offered which includes basic dance, tap, jazz, modern, ballet and many more.

  • Restaurant & Shopping — Want to go shopping for novelty items, antiques and unique gifts and souvenirs, we think the place to check out would be Memories Flea Market An’Tique Mall. This is home to more than a hundred different vendors under one roof and a fantastic place to stop by when you are hungry too. One of the best things about visiting a brand new city is having the ability to sample all the local as well as international cuisine. For instance, you can stop by El Ranchero for a hot and spicy burrito, grab a freshly made sandwich and homemade chips from Side Porch Sandwiches and Pub, experience some of the city’s best seafood and steaks from Tally-Ho Restaurant or sink your teeth into authentic Italian dishes from The Vineyard. All of them a short charter bus ride from the city’s downtown area.

  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — If you are looking for a scenic historic spot to take pictures or take a calming walk with your friends, bring the charter bus to Old Live Oak Cemetery. You can also spend some time paying your respect to those who have come to call this cemetery their final resting place or speak to people who have intimate stories to share with you. Former Vice President of the United States, William Rufus King, was also buried in this expansive, beautiful attraction. There is also a treasure trove of information and historical facts to learn about the city at Romanesque Revival-style Brown Chapel AME Church; the church first opened its doors in 1965 and if you connect with the right people at the church, they will usually share personal stories with curious tourists and visitors. The locals know it as the site where the Southern Christian Leadership, together with First Baptist Church, was held. The Selma to Montgomery Highway, unbeknownst to some, is an incredibly historical highway; for the benefit of tourists, there are multiple signboards placed throughout to remind and educate people about the struggles endured by the African American population of the region and it is definitely a stark reminder of the highway’s role during the Civil Rights Movement in the country. And of course, no historical tour would be complete without a stopover at Edwund Pettus Bridge which was where ‘Bloody Sunday’ happened. It is reminder about how more than 600 Civil Rights marchers clashed with authorities on March 7, 1965. For even more history, bring the charter bus to National Voting Rights Museum and Institute where there is a very special message and lessons to be learned by all about African-American’s fight for equality. Another important historical attraction in Selma is Old Depot Museum and Museum of Slavery and Civil Rights. These attractions’ undergone many changes and renovations over the years and visitors will get to explore all the old and new exhibits like old caboose, foundry items, old Fire Department tools, pumps, trucks, etc, in a comfortable atmosphere. If you love architecture and historical homes, don’t miss the chance to stop by Sturdivant Hall Museum, it was formerly known as Watts-Parkman-Gillman Home. It features a Greek Revival-style architecture which was completed in 1856 by Thomas Helm Lee for Colonel Edward T. Watts. This beautifully-restored mansion was included in the country’s National Register of Historical Places because of its architecture. The Smitherman Building is also known as Joseph T. Smitherman Historic Building and several other informal names; also another Greek Revival style building has served as a place for many functions throughout its existence. It is clean and a beautiful place to walk around in while learning about Selma’s rich history.

  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  The Old Cahawba Archaeological Park may be famously known as one of the most famous ghost towns in the state of Alabama, residents and the locals would often make their way to this local attraction during the weekends to enjoy a walk or hike along its well-maintained trails. It has some information about the park when Selma was Alabama’s capital during the country’s Civil War. The Wilderness Park and Bamboo Forest is a definite winner for nature lovers because this unique park, since it was developed in 1982, is a pristine natural preserve with hundreds of plant species from all around the region. Also in the spotlight are the towering bamboo with trunks as thick as 6 inches in diameter. Here is also where you will find Alabama’s largest beech trees.

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