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The Emergency Event Transportation Services at US Coachways

After the recent commuter train accident in Hoboken, one of the biggest challenges that government officials faced was getting all those people who would have taken the train into Hoboken or other points along the line where they needed to go. The Hoboken station was closed and other forms of public transit were overwhelmed. The solution implemented by New Transit Officials? — they contacted US Coachways and we put 25 coaches on standby to help travelers get to their destinations. We offer emergency ground transportation services in response to any type of disaster or contingency, including hurricanes, snowstorms and other natural phenomenon.

Emergency Ground Transportation Services — We've Got You Covered!

At US Coachways, we are prepared to help you with ground transportation needs arising out of any type of emergency. We offer:

  • Cost-effective solutions that address all logistics of ground transportation in response to any type of emergency

  • Comprehensive shuttle services — We have vehicles of all sizes, from cars and limos to coaches, to get you where you need to go, whether it's home, to work or out of harm's way

  • Route analysis — We use the latest technology to determine where traffic problems exist, and can make real-time adjustments to minimize the time it takes to get you to your destination

  • Coordination with government officials to identify and avoid potential safety risks

  • Airport meet and greet services to accommodate emergency visits

We employ state-of-the-art technology that gives us up-to-the-minute reports on traffic flow and other concerns, so we have the ability to monitor and modify the services we provide to meet your needs. With our top-of-the-line dispatch services, we can respond to any contingency immediately. Our team is available and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions or to address any concerns.

Don't worry about ground transportation in an emergency! Call US Coachways — we've got you covered!

US Coachways — Your Ground Transportation Partner


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