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Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Salt Lake City is a historic destination for your next charter bus excursion.

The Mormon religion is a heavy influence in this area and you'll see it's influences in many places. Your charter bus tour wouldn't be complete without a stop by Temple Square. This is where the World renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcasts its program "Music and The Spoken Word".

There are guided tours available for your charter bus group, and they will be very impressed when the acoustics of the Tabernacle are demonstrated by dropping a pin at the pulpit to give your charter bus gang an idea of the sensitive transmission of sound that happens within those walls. Your charter bus group will also see the tabernacle organ, which boasts more than 11,000 pipes and is the 12th largest in the world. Admission to these attractions and the square itself, is just the right price: free.

Your charter bus group will get a kick out of visiting the Beehive House which is the former home of Brigham Young, President of the Mormon Church and Governor of the Utah territory. He lived here from 1854 with his many wives and dozen children until his death. Today, the house is restored with period furnishings and open to the public for tours. Named after the beehive, the state symbol signifying thrift and industry. Take special note of the staircase. One of Brigham Young's wives was a tad temperamental and in one incident, when he didn't buy her the sewing machine she had her heart set on, she threw the one he did bring her right down those stairs. Brigham dutifully went out and bought her the sewing machine to make her happy. Take your charter bus group on a guided tour, they begin every ten minutes and are absolutely free.

Great Salt Lake Park is another interesting stop for your charter bus group. This area has been popular with bathers since the Mormon Pioneers first arrived in the basin in the middle of the 19th century. Although no swimming ability is necessary (the high salt content of the water will keep even the non-swimmers in your charter bus group afloat), your charter bus gang should be aware that the super-salty water may irritate throat, eyes and nose. A small visitors' center offers a museum, local information and a video about the lake, while the private SaltAir development provides a few shops, some food outlets.

Shopping is a treat in Salt Lake City. From Anthony's Antiques where you can find pretty much everything to Great Garb which features some classic clothing. The Beehive Collectors Shop is a great stop for your charter bus group. Antique photographs, furniture, paintings, prints, and military memorabilia are all featured in this one shop. There is a virtual cornucopia of fun shopping available for your charter bus group.

Interestingly, all clubs and bars are private in Salt Lake City. They are open to the public, but your charter bus group must purchase a membership at every club you wish to imbibe at.

Eating is a treat in Salt Lake City. If Mexican is on your charter bus group's agenda, check out the Blue Iguana with it's spicy Mexican fare. The chimychanga is a specialty of this restaurant. For a casual buffet style meal for your charter bus gang, take a stop by The Roof Restaurant and indulge in some fine food and great conversation in a casual atmosphere. For something different, take your charter bus group and go Greek at the Souvlaki!

Salt Lake City is a fabulous and historic destination for your next charter bus excursion.