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Travel to Fresno on a Charter Bus

Make the Journey Easy in the Comfort and Luxury of a Charter Bus Rental

You're looking for a great place to take a group, whether it's for business or pleasure. You want access to big city attractions without some of the hassle, and you'd love a place where you can just catch your breath. Why not visit Fresno, the former Gold Rush town in the heart of California. It's loaded with history, but offers endless modern amenities, with some of the top National Parks a short drive away.

But when you go to Fresno, you want to relax. You don't want to spend a lot of your time navigating or checking the clock. With a charter bus rental from US Coachways, you can kick back with everyone else while your driver handles all the details.

A Charter Bus—There's No Better Choice for Group Travel

You've decided to take a group to Fresno. Among the many decisions you'll have to make, perhaps the most important involves how you'll get there and back. If there are any hiccups on the road, people can easily forget all the fun they had in Fresno. With a charter bus rental from US Coachways, you'll have:

  • A truly unique trip — Every charter bus tour is a one of a kind—you tell us when you want to leave, where you want to go, where and how often you want to stop, how long you want to stay and when you want to come home. In most situations, you can modify your itinerary at the last minute or in real-time. You may even be able to book an entire excursion with little notice.
  • Reliable transportation — With many other modes of travel, cancellations and delays are relatively frequent. For example, an average of 40% of all air travelers arrive late somewhere every day! That doesn't happen on a charter bus. Your driver has the tools to anticipate many road problems and find alternate routes to get you there on time. In addition, because of our vast network of charter bus service providers nationwide, it's relatively easy for us to find a replacement coach, if necessary.
  • Safety and security — On a charter bus, there's only one way on and off—you won't have to worry about strangers coming on and causing problems with you or your personal items. In addition, you'll have a highly trained professional at the wheel, so you can ride with confidence that you'll be safe.
  • A comfortable trip — The seats are spacious, with more leg room than any other mode of travel. There's no middle seat, either. The aisles are wide, too, and you won't have to stay in your seat.
  • A chance to really relax — You won't have to check the time or look at your GPS. You won't have to fight traffic or try to find a place to park. Instead, you can kick back with everyone else while your driver handles all those details. You'll be on the same bus for your entire trip and your luggage will be with you—no need to make connections or worry about lost bags. There's no TSA security checkpoint, and you won't have to put your phone on "bus mode." Stay connected at all times.
  • More than just a bus — A charter coach serves many purposes—it's the ideal place for a group meeting, but it can also be perfect for some quiet time during a busy trip to Fresno.
  • More travel for your money — A charter bus is routinely one of the most cost-effective ways to take a group anywhere
  • Less risk of getting stuck in traffic — A charter bus lets you take advantage of the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes
  • An opportunity to help the planet — When you travel with others on a charter bus, you'll go green, lowering emissions when you take a number of private vehicles off the roads.

At US Coachways, we have been at the forefront of the charter bus industry for more than three decades. To get a free quote on the cost of a trip to Fresno, go to our convenient online Cost Calculator. For more information about our services, or to ask any questions about charter bus rentals, call 1-855-287-2427 to speak with an experienced travel consultant.

Fresno Favorites—Things You Won't Want to Miss

The largest metropolitan area in California's Central Valley, Fresno offers a unique combination of big city attractions in proximity to some of the most stunning natural beauty you'll find anywhere on the planet. Founded before the American Civil War, the city has preserved much of its early architecture. Take a stroll through downtown Fresno and step back in time, as you walk past the city's original water tower, the many historic homes and relics of the city's Gold Rush past.

For majestic grandeur unlike any other place on earth, take a day trip to the nearby Sierra National Forest, home to Yosemite National Park, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. See Yosemite Falls, the sixth-highest waterfall in the world, or view the stately General Sherman tree (at Sequoia), a monster that's more than 36 feet in diameter at the trunk and over 275 feet tall.

For a truly unusual experience, go underground—to the Forestiere Underground Gardens, a series of connected caverns that were fashioned into living quarters, with a summer and winter bedroom, a functional kitchen, a fish pond and even a fireplace. The gardens and grounds were hand dug by an Italian-American immigrant between 1906 and 1946.

Nestled in the fertile Central Valley, Fresno has access to the fruits of nearby farmers, making for a rich and diverse farm-to-table culinary experience. But all those fresh ingredients go into cuisine from around the world—African, Persian, Cajun and Creole, Vietnamese, Afghani, Nepali, Southwestern, Tex-Mex and American, just to name a few. Craft beer aficionados—take the Downtown Fresno Ale Trail for handcrafted, small-batch libations.

Patrons of the arts won't be disappointed in Fresno, either. The Fresno Art Museum prides itself in the diversity of its exhibits, including Sikh, Hmong, Peruvian, Mexican and Greek Orthodox art. Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater is a West Coast legend and the historic Warnors Theatre, opened in 1928, still has its original pipe organ. The best way to describe the Fresno music scene—intimate and eclectic. You'll find everything from country to jazz, blues to folk, rock and even piano bars, usually combined with great food and cold brews.

We'll Help You Find the Right Bus

When you travel by charter bus, it's important to have a coach that's well-suited for your trip and your group. You want everyone to feel comfortable and to be able to bring what they need, but you don't want a lot of wasted space. When you book with US Coachways, we'll carefully consider the details of your outing—how many people are going, how long you'll be traveling, what you'll be bringing or taking home, and any other special needs. Then we'll go to our extensive network of charter bus service providers to find the coach that's the best fit for you.

If you're visiting Fresno with a small-to-medium-sized group, we recommend the mini-bus, with options that seat anywhere from 24 to 35 comfortably. For larger groups, you'll want the full-sized bus, with room for up to 57 passengers and an on-board bathroom. All charter buses, except for some school buses, come with plush high-back bucket seats, climate control, a great sound system and ample storage for personal items. Wifi, electrical outlets, DVD players and monitors, public address systems, hardwood floors and leather seats are also available for an extra charge. Multiple bus rentals are always an option and ADA-accessible coaches can be booked.

The US Coachways Edge

At US Coachways, we are always looking for ways to provide better and more effective service to our customers. When you ride with us, you'll get the benefits of:

  • Our 24 hour, seven day dispatch services, with the capability to manage multiple pickup and drop-off locations at the same time.
  • The US Coachways online Trip Management Portal, an easy-to-use tool that lets you view a wealth of information about all of your US Coachways bookings in a single location.
  • Your own, dedicated project management team, with a single point of contact—We'll actively monitor your trip and will be available at any time to provide effective and prompt solutions to any challenges you face.
  • The best logistical support in the industry—We'll help you determine the most effective pickup and drop-off locations, as well as the optimal times and frequencies to maximize cost-efficiency. We'll monitor road conditions, including construction projects, so that you don't lose unnecessary time on the road.
  • Our purchasing power—Because we book, on average, in excess of $55 million in charter bus rentals every year, our vendors are loyal and consistently provide highly competitive pricing.
  • Our flexibility—You want to leave a little early or stay an extra day? In most instances, we can make it happen without much difficulty. We can even book an entire trip with short notice.

US Coachways is also a GSA (General Services Administration) approved vendor, able to provide charter bus rentals to the United States government and its agencies.

  • Business travel — Conventions, conferences, seminars, workshops, sales and business meetings, training sessions, team-building exercises, golf outings, company picnics and parties.
  • School trips — Club and class outings, cultural offerings, athletic team travel, prom and graduation after-parties, fraternity and sorority events, student volunteer projects, band and orchestra festivals.
  • Family celebrations — Reunions, retirement parties, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, rehearsal dinners, graduations, engagement parties, bar and bat mitzvahs.
  • Senior citizen and retiree outings — Shopping trips, museums and historical landmarks, concerts and plays, casino nights, fall foliage tours
  • Church outreach — Choir tours, retreats, church camp travel, mission trips, local volunteer work, faith-based conferences and conventions, youth and adult fellowship events.
  • Once in a lifetime events — Bowl games and championships, professional and amateur sports, motor car races, food and cultural festivals, public rallies, and arena, pavilion or stadium concerts.

Reserve Your Charter Bus to Fresno Today!

There's no better way to enjoy all Fresno has to offer than on a charter bus. With US Coachways, you'll have the hands-on experience and professionalism that comes from more than 30 years in the business. To get a free estimate on the cost of a charter bus trip to Fresno, check out our user-friendly online Cost Calculator. To get answers to any questions about charter buses, or to learn about the full range of services we offer, call 1-855-287-2427 and ask for an experienced travel consultant.