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Visit Some of Hoboken’s Hidden Gems, as well as New Jersey’s Best Attractions

The city of Hoboken, New Jersey, is a part of the New York metropolitan area. It consists of and has easy access to many important landmarks in the state of both New Jersey and New York. Here, visitors will get to visit iconic places like the Hoboken Terminal, a major transportational hub in the region, as well as Stevens Institute of Technology, the oldest University of its kind in the country as well as where the first recorded baseball game was held. Needless to say, being a part of the New Jersey Gold Coast means that there will stretches of beaches and gorgeous waterfront walkways for guests to enjoy.

There is always something fun for everyone in the city, exciting recreational activities are always only a short drive away. Hoboken has its iconic Tribeca Performing Arts Center with endless entertainment and shows, while art lovers should stop by Barksy Gallery to check out artwork from local talents. As the charter bus makes its way along Hudson River street, get off the charter bus to shop at charming storefronts. Hoboken, New Jersey, is also a short drive away from Madison Square Garden so be sure to make a pit stop; and don’t forget to organize a group outing to enjoy the wonderful outdoors at Pier C. Park on Sinatra Drive.

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Get to Know Hoboken, NJ, Up Close and Personal

Hoboken’s city center has charming shops, quaint markets, historical attractions, lakes, waterfront walkways and restaurants - all of which are famous New Jersey points of interest. Read on to find out more about the uniqueness of each of these landmark locations below.


  • Entertainment & Amusement Parks — Hoboken may be a small city in the state of New Jersey, because of its proximity to New York and other large communities around it, there is no lack of entertainment options for everyone of all ages. For visitors, you can always find a good theater or cinema like Bow Tie Cinemas on 14th Street to have a romantic night out with your special someone. The cinema consistently brings in the latest to its movie screens so, if you have a few spare hours, check out the schedule. Better yet, make it a group outing with your school or college friends or colleagues. Whether it is a dance performance, ballet, musical, drama, monologue or theatrical specials, you can always count on Tribeca Performing Arts Center to bring in the showcases. The center regularly holds educational theater program, often targeted towards the community’s youth and schools. Sometimes, there are special circus shows from touring entertainers. If you are looking for a place to chill out with your friends or have either a bar crawl or bachelor or bachelorette party in Hoboken, you will be spoiled for choice. Take your pick from some of the city’s favorites like Blurred Nights on Hudson Street, City Bistro Restaurant Lounge and Bar on 14th Street or organize a group gathering at the ever-popular Texas Arizona.
  • Art & Cultural — Are you an art lover who would love to see what the city of Hoboken and New York City has to offer? Try organizing a group trip out to Barksy Gallery on Harrison Street. Visitors will find inspiration from all the contemporary art masterpieces being showcased at this gallery. Championing a fresh and informal approach to art appreciation, the art gallery is supported by a core group that consists of local and international artists. The venue is also a good place for private and public events, including weddings, birthdays, baby showers and weekend outings because it is clean, well-maintained and an awe-inspiring place.
  • Restaurant & Shopping — The residents makes full use of the fact that many renowned malls are only a short drive away in New York City, but along the picture perfect banks along Hudson River lies countless restaurants, cafes, retail outlets, quaint family-run stores and exciting night spots. Also along the Hudson River street, there will be parks and outdoor recreational activities to enjoy - all in one place with a postcard-worthy view of Manhattan skyline, right across the river. The city of Hoboken is known as a very walk-friendly city and that becomes rather apparent when you bring the charter bus around to Hoboken’s staple for nightlife, Washington Avenue. The street is continuously filled with tourists from all over the world as they take in as much as they can of the city. There are countless dining options available along the street too and they range from local street food, Japanese dishes, Mexican delights to upscale classic American diners. Visitors who love to shop will also find a host of one-of-a-kind shops along Willow Avenue, a local haunt for bargain buys.
  • Golf Courses & Sports Venues – Five out of five stars is what reviewers are often found giving Hoboken Dive Center. For you, as a visitor, this means putting on a wet suit and diving right in with the professional divers who provide professional guidance to beginner divers. Right across the river, you will find the world’s most popular stadiums and sports arena...and it is none other than Madison Square Garden. By charter bus, the drive will take less than 15 minutes. Madison Square Garden have played host to a world class concerts, performances and LIVE events; it is also home to one of NBA’s most prominent teams, The New York Knicks and NHL’s New York Rangers. And if you are lucky, you might even find yourself catching an exciting wrestling match.
  • Historical Sites & Landmarks — There is no denying that in order to understand a city, there is a need to visit a local cultural center or a historical museum. For Hoboken, the place to be at is Hoboken Historical Museum on Hudson Street. The museum is a no frills and no fanfare place which explains what early immigration was like in the region, and the kind of impact European Wars had on the city’s growth. Trace the timeline from as far back as when Henry Hudson first made its way up Hudson River in 1609. Another interesting museum to check out during your trip to Hoboken is the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. It is a truly unique specialty museum that offers hands-on, multi-sensory exhibits through large restored aircrafts, space shuttles and submarines.
  • Parks & Outdoor Activities —  Garden City got its name for a very good reason - there is a good number of parks for family weekend outings and relaxing day out. One of them would be Pier C. Park on Sinatra Drive. This park has everything that young children might want in an outdoor environment; and while the children are playing in the park’s facilities, grownups are treated to a stunning view. Hoboken Waterfront Walkway offers more than kid-friendly facilities; organize a group outing for hiking, running, jogging, bicycling activities or do some people-watching at cafes, restaurants and diners conveniently located around the park. Church Square Park on Willow Avenue, in the meantime, features basketball, tennis and picnic amenities together with a pavilion and dog park. Washington Square Park played host to countless events in the past and they include annual festivals, art exhibits, markets and concerts. The park is also dog-friendly. Lakeside Trail, in the meantime has paved paths and offer view of the beaches off of Hudson River for visitors to enjoy.
  • Other Points of Interest — You may have been to a Madame Tussauds museum in other cities or countries, but one should not miss the chance to visit the New York counterpart. The wax museum has 200 stunning life-like wax figures of celebrities, public figures and prominent people all around the world. In fact, you can take a picture of yourself with your favorite superhero from a Marvel Comic or touch fingers with E.T. at the museum.

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