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When Henry Hudson sailed into Delaware Bay in 1609, he had no idea he had found a treasure trove in this beautiful and fertile slice of land. He may not have discovered the Far East, which he had set out to do, but what he found was even better. Today, like Henry Hudson, and numerous tourists, you too can make your own discoveries in Delaware, and its regions. You can in a Delaware charter bus.

Delaware has many nicknames such as ""Diamond State", the "Small Wonder", the "Blue Hen State", and deservedly "The First State”. This state has every reason to be proud; it was the first signatory to the country's Declaration of Independence in Dec 7, 1787. It may be small at 2,489 sq miles, but its place in American history is priceless.

The state shares its borders with Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, as it is part of the Delmarva Peninsula. From the other ends, Delaware is bordered by Delaware Bay, Delaware River and Atlantic Ocean. Travel and explore in your Delaware charter bus. Topographically the state is rather flat, averaging only 60 ft. above sea level and the hilly portions can be found at its northern tip, fronting the Pennsylvania border.

Delaware has suitable weather for hiking, sailing, biking, fishing and any other outdoor pursuits you can think of. For it is mild all year round, where summer temperatures range from 75 degrees and dips to a low 32 degrees in winter. However, you'll be assured that whatever the extremes in weather conditions outside, in your Delaware charter bus, you'll be cozily ensconced in your own seat, hand on your refreshments and soulfully gazing out into picturesque scenes.

Economically, Delaware is home to several blue chip companies, such as the famed Du Pont Corporation. Wilmington is known as the "Chemical Capital of the World” and 50% of other Fortune 500 companies, call the state their headquarters. And yet, Delaware has another quieter side to it. Many farms and pocket rural communities, abound in pockets of quiet idyllic existence. So whether you wish to explore the allures of its' big cities, or the recreational outdoors, in a Delaware charter bus, you can. For when you seek comfort, ease and stress free rides, your Delaware charter bus, can provide all of this.

Here are some of its most popular attractions to explore:

Take your Delaware charter bus and set down at the Delaware Canal. This man made structure was completed in 1834, and is 60 miles in length. It was originally created for the delivery of coal and freight. Today, nearly 36 miles of this structure is a favorite of the locals and tourists as a recreational corridor.

Or travel in your Delaware charter bus to visit the home of John Dickinson, known as the "penman of the Revolution". His brick home was originally built in 1740 and remains intact. You will also find reconstructed farm buildings; to give you a better sense life as it was lived in that period. Bring friends, or arrange for an educational tour and step back into the pages of history. Visit the New Castle Court House, which was built in 1732 and served as the capitol for the colony. This is the site where Delaware's first Constitution was adopted here in 1776. As you walk through the restored New Castle Court House Museum with its courtroom and furnishings, you can easily visualize the original 18th century appearance. Get a worry-free ride to this historical destination, in your Delaware charter bus.

Before you and your friends decide to kick off your heels and cool these at one of Delaware's many creeks, visit The State House. The State House is the Delaware's symbolic capital and was built in 1792. Both the State of Delaware and Kent County governments occupied the building. Stroll inside to see architectural details belonging to a gentle era long gone. If you love all things mechanical, then you should take time to experience the Johnson Victrola Museum. It has premier collections of machines, records, memorabilia and archival material pertaining to the 1890s - 1929 period. Travel to this destination in your Delaware charter bus.

Then plan that bird watching activity along the shorelines of Delaware Bay, which have some of the best tidal creeks and marshes in America, and are home to a large variety of migrating waterfowl. Delaware and its many charming destinations await the eager explorer. In your Delaware charter bus; you can do this, in immensely satisfying ways.

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