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"Famous Potatoes" Idaho

The Lewis and Clark expedition done in 1808 at Idaho, together with their enthusiastic descriptions of this fruitful land, generated great excitement. These feelings remain even until today, continuously spurring tourists to flock to Idaho for its' great outdoors, history and culture, or just to take in the sights that had enthralled the first expeditors. You can make your own discoveries, in an Idaho charter bus and do it, in comfort and safety.

Aptly nicknamed the "Gem State" Idaho has a total area of 83,574 sq miles and borders the following six (6) states: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. It also borders the Canadian Province of British Columbia. Idaho is more than just potato Idaho, ski resorts and numerous natural wonders, for aspects for which it is celebrated. Idaho presents nature at its best and in harmony with the other elements.

The state has its' own share of the rugged mountain ranges. For instance, there are the Rockies, which meander towards both the central and north regions of the state, and include the Bitterroots, Clearwater, Lost River, Salmon River, Sawtooths and Seven Devils ranges. To the southeast lies the Caribou Mountain range and to the southwest, one can see the Owyhee Mountains. Imagine yourself, with family or friends, riding in your Idaho charter bus, enjoying a scenic drive through the winding highways with the verdant green forests and brooding mountains behind it, as the sun shines brightly.

The state is subdivided into seven (7) regions, Northern, North Central, South Western, South Central, Southeastern, Eastern and Central. What can you do in any of these regions? Plenty and the list are as plentiful as the energy it takes to plan these journeys. Tour in an Idaho charter bus and arrive stress free in your destination.

You could try some or all of these most recommended attractions of Idaho. Such as the city of Boise which is Idaho's state capital, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Hells Canyon, Lake Coeur d'Alene, river rafting and tours, the Seven Devils and Sun Valley. Or do you just want to do activities in the great outdoors? You can go fishing or fly fishing at fresh water streams, horseback riding at some the premier riding stables in the state, or take river trips, or go camping. Why not plan mountain biking expeditions?

Idaho topography is unique, being mountainous in most areas, and contrasted by gorges and valleys. Major rivers, the Snake and Salmon run through the state, and there are over 16,000 miles of smaller rivers and streams, as well as alpine lakes cover the land. It just makes Idaho' regions which all have four seasons and therefore have different weather conditions, intriguing. Think of touring in an Idaho charter bus. You won't worry about traffic or wrong turns, for your experienced and well trained tour bus driver will take care of these concerns.

Here are suggested tour destinations you can make in Idaho, to make your trip more interesting, fulfilling and richly textured.

The economy of Idaho City grew from the gold mining activities of the 1860s. And the cities of Silver, Idaho & Custer, are among Idaho's best mining era towns. Take a tour of these mining towns in an Idaho charter bus. The state's highest fire lookout is located in the Boise National Forest and it is perched at 9,500 feet on Trinity Mountain. Take a scenic drive up in your Idaho charter bus, to perch down and be awed at the sights that greet you.

Or consider this, plan an overland tour in your Idaho charter bus to experience the following sights. Visit Idaho's world famous hot springs, which are located in Lava Hot Springs. Or take a tour bus to see Hells Canyon, which is the deepest river gorge in America, deeper than the Grand Canyon. Or try the Bruneau Canyon Overlook, which offers a view into a 1,200 foot-deep, 800-foot-wide river canyon. Do the tour in an Idaho charter bus, in safety and comfort. Or Go to the Niagara of the West, the Shoshone Falls which spills over a 212-foot drop near Twin Falls.

If you love bird watching, take an Idaho charter bus to Kuna, which is known as the Gateway City to the Birds of Prey Natural Area. The Birds of Prey Wildlife Area is home to the world's most dense population of nesting eagles, hawks, and falcons. Winter, summer, spring or fall, you can go to Idaho and be refreshed with its breathtaking mountains, national parks and scenery. Do the tour overland, use a coach service; you'll experience these scenic drives in the best seat of the house, your own Idaho charter bus!

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