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Oklahoma where the wind blows sweeping down the plains! Oklahoma, a state that lays claim to its own musical, is known as the Sooner State in reference to those early-birds that tried to stake their claim to their own land in 1899. Come to Oklahoma and find out why the wanted to get an early piece of the action! And when you come, take a charter bus service and leave the driving to something else.

Gloss Mountain State Park

Whether you want to take a picnic with a special someone in your life or hike a trail for some great exercise and to get in touch with nature, Gloss Mountain State Park is a wonderful place for you to visit. This park combines recreation with education and offers picnic areas, historical markers, and a hiking trail to the top of Cathedral Mountain. Cathedral Mountain itself offers a view that is nothing to sneeze out. You can see across the mesa to the Lone Peak Mountain. This mountain range is often referred to as the Glass Mountains. Enjoy the view on a charter bus service and rest your legs, and your odometer.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

The Tulsa Air and Space museum preserves aviation history, specifically Tulsa's aviation history. The museum features an F14 Tomcat, which flew in both Desert storm and ground attack bombcat trials, according to the official museum site. There is also a shuttle launch exhibit, where two "lucky visitors” follow the sequence of launch steps in a Space Shuttle replica. Then there is a Robotic Arm, which is the duplicate of a control module. The Wind tunnel exhibit gives travelers the feel of flying an F-16. There are also many planes and other aviation specialties on exhibit.

Seminole Nation Museum

The Seminole Nation Museum gives the history and culture of the Seminole Native American Nation. There are also exhibits on the Freedmen, and early Oklahoma Pioneers. In the Pioneer wing, there is a Memorial Walk as well as a military room. The Seminole paints a picture of the life, culture, and heritage of the Seminole people as well as African American Freedmen who became citizens of the Seminole nation. There is a gift shop, an art gallery, and a research library.

The Museum of the Great Plains

The Museum of the Great Plains offers exhibits based on the culture and natural aspects of the Great Plains. There are also Native American Exhibits, such as the Tingley Collection of Native American artifacts. This collection contains 3200 pieces of Plains Native American artifacts. There is also a research library and archives available. Outside, visitors may enjoy the Red River Trading Post, which is modeled after the 1830s and 1840s posts that existed in the region. This museum has been accredited by the American Association of Museums.

The Oklahoma City National Museum

The Oklahoma City National Museum pays respect to those who were killed, injured, or had their lives permanently changed when the bombing occurred on April 19th, 1995. There is the Gates of Time in which two twin gates frame the time 9:02, the exact moment of the bombing. There is also a Reflecting Pool, a Children's Area, a Rescuer's Orchard, the "Survivor Tree,” and the "Memory Fence.” There is also a National Memorial Center, and the Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. This site is a must see out of respect for those who lost their lives in 1995.

The Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory

The Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory offers tons of intriguing natural wonders to enjoy. There is an enclosed Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, which is built over a two acre lake and enveloped in 17 acres of land. The Conservatory contains thousands of local and exotic plants, from endangered palm trees to begonias. There are also yellow and black zebra long wing butterflies that float by and freely hopping amphibians that represent the wildlife. With all of this wildlife available to enjoy, who could reserve?

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