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If you are looking for a state with beautiful scenery, look no further than Wyoming. Why not take a relaxing Wyoming charter bus to visit the state. Enjoy the majestic scenery while someone else does all the driving for you. Visit Yellowstone National Park, see the National Forests, enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, or take in the history that Wyoming has to offer.

Wyoming is home to the famous Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful is the most popular attraction for Yellowstone, but it has over 10,000 other sites to see. In the Canyon Village Area is Yellowstone's grand canyon, that measures about 20 feet long. It is a must see when visiting Yellowstone. To see all the Yellowstone has to offer take a tour by stagecoach, motor coach, or by horseback riding. You can see Yellowstone from the lake. Take a boat tour or rent paddleboats. Campgrounds are open from mid-June through mid-September. Yellowstone Lake, located 7,733 feet above sea level, is the largest high elevation lake in North America.

The lake freezes in late December or January and usually thaws out by May. Fishing is a popular sport at Yellowstone but you must have a Yellowstone fishing license to do so. There are more than 1,000 miles of trails available at Yellowstone. Some are easy walks while others are for the more adventurous hikers. While at Yellowstone visit the many geysers and take in the beauty of the park and its surroundings. Kid's ages 5 - 12 can become junior rangers while visiting Yellowstone. Purchase the activity book and complete the age appropriate tasks and kids will be awarded with a junior ranger patch.

While in Wyoming, get your charter bus to visit one of its seven National Forests. In North-Central Wyoming visit Bighorn National Forest. Here you will see many different species of animals including the Bighorn Sheep. At Black Hills National Forest, in Sundance, Wyoming, you can view the thick pine forests, which gives off its ‘black' color. Here you will find the largest amount of whitetail deer and many wild turkeys. In Jackson, Wyoming, in 1973, the Bridger and Teton Forests merged to become one and is now called the Bridger-Teton National Forest. With nearly 3.5 million acres, the Bridger-Teton National Forest is home to diverse land. There are mountains, trees, and plenty of wildlife to fill the 3.5 million acres. The Shoshone National Forest, was the US' first National Forest. It has plenty of assorted wildlife including coyotes, bald eagles, golden eagles, antelope, bighorn sheep, and elk.

One interesting outdoor activities in Bighorn located at Great Western Outfitters. Here you can take llama packed trips to areas of Big Horn Mountain. Food, trained llamas, tents, pack guides, and transportation are supplied. There are also special trips for those that are handicapped or groups with young children. During the summer, Cheyenne Frontier Days takes place. This is the world's biggest outdoor rodeo and is a nine-day celebration of the west. The Wyoming State Fair & Rodeo, in Douglas, is host to many events annually. Here they hold rodeos, the state fair, and many other activities for the high school and colleges. If you are a golf enthusiast, visit one of Wyoming's many golf courses, where you can golf with the scenery of majestic mountains.

Wyoming is chalked full of history. Visit the Conner Battlefield State Historic Site to learn about General Conner's attack on Black Bear's Indian village. Visit Independence Rock where you can still see names of pioneers etched in the rock from their travels to the west. You can also visit South Pass City State Historic Site, where you can see the remains of the town that began in the 1860's. There are also many Fort's available to visit.

A Wyoming charter bus allows you to really appreciate the beauty the state has to offer. From mountains to lakes, Wyoming has an abundance of scenery, wildlife, and activities to enjoy.

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