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Anchorage offers many opportunities for viewing the beauty of nature, wildlife, glaciers and cultures that make Anchorage a great place to visit.

If your seeking adventures, you'll find it in Anchorage. Whatever experience you desire, you'll find places that will take you or give you guided tours. Try out the jet boat excursions through Glacier Jet Alaska with the chance to view a glacial river valley, wildlife, and blue icebergs. If you're into rock climbing, why not try an ice climb in Girdwood, or a glacier hike during the midnight sun. Guides from the Ascending Path Climbing Guide Service can help make your trip to Anchorage a fantastic one of a kind adventure.

Anchorage is home to the Eagle River Nature Center where you can enjoy hiking the trails of the mountain valley, take interpretive walks or enjoy the displays about the natural history of Alaska. The nature center also serves as the doorway to the Chugach State Park where more adventure awaits the visitors who enter.

Alaska is known for the beautiful scenery involving glaciers and the Portage Glacier and the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center is one of the best places near Anchorage for viewing glaciers. If traveling outside of Anchorage isn't something you want, then enjoy the scenery of the two active volcanoes visible from downtown Anchorage. Mount McKinley, the Tordrilla Mountains and the Aleutian Range are all visible from Anchorage.

Visitors have plenty of unique shopping opportunities available in Anchorage. The Ulu Factory shows the history of the Ulu knife that was invented by the Inuit Eskimo Natives. Guests will see how the manufacturing of the knife has changed through its history. The Anchorage Market and Festival is a place where local farmers and artisans sell their goods on weekends. One shopping experience that is a must is the Chocolate Waterfall. Visitors can view the real chocolate waterfall and visit the factory that processes Alaska's wild berries that area then used to make a variety of candies.

After a long day of touring, sightseeing and shopping, visitors can choose where to eat from a large selection of restaurants. With seafood being in abundance in Alaska, you'll find it very easy to locate a restaurant serving your favorite seafood dish.

A restaurant with a fantastic view is the Crow's Nest at Hotel Captain Cook. Enjoy your meal at the top of the hotel while enjoying cuisine and wine. If being on top of the world at the Crow's Nest isn't your style, the try the Flying Machine Restaurant at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel. Enjoy a dinner of fresh Alaska seafood or other meats while dining on the lakefront overlooking Lake Spenard. Enjoy watching the flights of the floatplanes taking off and landing on the lake.

When one envisions Alaska, the sight is mostly of snow and ice. But Anchorage is one of many places that offer much more than just snow and ice. It offers wildlife not found in other parts of the world, days that extend to over 20 hours of daylight, tours and museums exclusive to the native Alaskan culture. Anchorage brings the cultures of Alaska to visitors through the many attractions it offers

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