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Burlington is 215 miles NW of Boston, 98 miles S of Montreal, and 154 miles NE of Albany, NY. The Burlington charter bus group members will see that Burlington is a vibrant college town -- home to the University of Vermont, known as UVM -- that's continually, valiantly resisting the onset of middle age.

It's the birthplace of hippies-turned-corporation Ben & Jerry's. The Burlington charter bus group members should look for the sidewalk plaque at the corner of St. Paul and College commemorating the 1st store. Burlington was also the birthplace of the jam rock band Phish.
The trip to Burlington is extremely refreshing for the Burlington charter bus group members as it has a superb location overlooking Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks of northern New York. To the east, the Green Mountains rise dramatically, with two of the highest points (Mount Mansfield and Camel's Hump) stretching above the undulating ridge.

In the mid-20th century, Burlington turned its back for a time on its spectacular waterfront. In contrast, downtown is thriving. The main stops of the Burlington charter bus group are the pedestrian mall (Church St.), Filene's, Kit Carson Carousel.

The mall is a creation here, which has failed in so many other towns .It is great place to shop for the Burlington charter bus members. New construction has brought large-scale department stores (Filene's, for one) right smack downtown, reversing the flight to the mall that has plagued other small cities. The city's scale is pleasantly skewed toward pedestrians - the Burlington charter bus group members can get down and walk when they can.

The Winooski River winds its way westward from the Green Mountains and eventually empties into Lake Champlain, just a few miles northwest of downtown Burlington. The river, long the lifeblood of this part of Vermont, earned its name from the Abenaki people who roamed the area before Europeans settlers arrived - Winooski translates as "onion," a reference to wild leeks that once grew on its river banks. The Burlington charter bus group members can find this on their stop at the banks.

The visit to Old Town, an authentic turn-of-the-20th-century village with a museum and more than 20 historic buildings, is a passage to history for the Burlington charter bus group. It includes a sod house and a saloon.

Another local gem that Burlington charter bus will stop at is the Kit Carson County Carousel, a fully restored and operating 1905 wooden carousel that's a National Historic Landmark. It includes 45 animals and a 1912 Wurlitzer Monster Military Band Organ. It is located at the county fairground, and the carousel is open Memorial Day-Labor Day.

Here there is a hiking Ledge for the sports enthusiasts among the Burlington charter bus Group. This is a flat long hike called John Brooks Hike.

The Burlington charter bus group members will have great time hiking, visiting old museums and getting a good change from the fast paced life and enjoy a leisurely trip with friends.

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